polychromeLAB is the only material that is capable of warming and
cooling naturally using textile physics without chemical additives

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pre-order the new ROCCIA ROSSA reversible jacket at shop@polychromelab.com. We will personally approach every request and answer individual questions.

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_we deliver to the whole world at human charges

_our products are fair packed and ecofriendly produced

_we guarantee a lifetime warranty

_our products are fieldtested under extreme alpine conditions


polychromeLAB wins the ISPO award 2014 for Outer Layer 3L

See what the jury says about ISPO award! Read more about it in our blog.

polychromeLAB is the only material that is capable of warming and
cooling naturally and with high tech by physics and without chemistry.

The support of our products relies on skills of nature, which we can’t copy:

| Reflection of UV radiation to cool the body

| Absorption of UV radiation to warm the body.

We substantiate this scientifically in our high-altitude lab at 2610 meters
and with the University of Innsbruck.



We develop our products in Tyrol and produce in northern Italy,

in small family businesses.

| Our products travel only 800 km.

| We try to charge as little as possible on the environment.

| We use water-soluble equipment to protect the environment.

| We pay fair wages and our products can be repaired.



Only polychromelab cools when it’s warm and warms when it’s cold, and represents an absolute reduction to the essential – without unnecessary ballast. polychromelab is ideal for all applications, all weather conditions. For whatever activity you’re planning.

polychromelab is the unique and high-quality starting material for countless applications in every field of life. Superb functionality, ultimate quality and pure aesthetics are guaranteed every hour of the day.

polychromelab comes from the Austrian region of Tyrol, because it is only here that we find the ideal conditions to continue developing and optimising polychromelab still further. And: because we love Tyrol.

polychromelab pursues its research and production activities exclusively in Europe. This means significantly shorter manufacturing chains, and consequently a reduced burden on the environment and on people.

Sustainable and efficient use of resources is very important to polychromelab. For this reason each individual polychromelab component comes from certified central and southern European sources.


polychromelab focuses on the individual needs of people, and tailors each product precisely to meet the evolving requirements of leisure activities and professional life.

Nobody is exploited by polychromelab, and the products are deliberately not manufactured in the Far East. While our costs are a little higher as a result, this is a matter of great importance to us. And is something of which we are very proud.

polychromelab is an honest and very open company which places great value on transparency. Both in terms of production, as well as in its dealings with people.

polychromelab knows all its producers and production sites in person. This enables us to respond flexibly and quickly to possible changes, and guarantees you the best possible quality at all times.

At polychromelab you can watch us at work. Whether at our offices in Hall in Tyrol, or at our high-altitude laboratory “polychromelab2610” on Mount Glungezer.

polychromelab enjoys tackling new challenges. Both in the field of research as well as in the area of development. And always places great importance on sustainability, purposefulness and incomparable stylishness.





_winner aws impluse xs “proof of concept”|

_winner aws impulse xl “go to market and development concept”


polychromelab grew out of an invention by michelestinco. polychromelab has

written on the flag creating sophisticated products released into the world of

sport showing up – clever, cleaner and more stylish products based on the

patented idea by michele stinco.

_reflection uv rays cooling bodytemperature

_absorption of ambient temperature stabilizing bodytemperature

_adaption to each weather through a unique reversible feature

the polychromeab family will grow following the polychrome dna

in the coming years pushing fabric performance,  cleaner apparel

and minimalistic style.



| polychromelab offers 3layer fabrics, which follow a strict set of rules with

completely new design and performance features.

| polychromelab offers a sophisticated 3layer fabrics and provides possibilities

of garment production with a very high technical and aesthetical know-how.

| polychromelab is basicly driven by the dna performance, know-how, style

and progressive thinking through the person of michele stinco and the intl.

coorperation network.


design competence and location (innsbruck) are strategical advantages creating

not only fabrics but translating developement into design. product performance

and processing technology combined with a sports performance soul created the

portfolio of polychromelab. to live and work in the heart of the alps is a gift to

develope excellent products due to talent is a duty.  all this innovative performance

will be prototyped in tyrol,  garment will be manufactured in germany -  tested

around the nothern ridge of the alps.





_technical know-how combinig 12 year experience

_style know-how as a design person

_know-how as an athlete with pro|background

_testing areas on high level

_the most changing weatherconditions

_manufacturing 3layer fabric in austria

_manufacturing garment prototypes in italy


polychromelab is young and evolving, but behind the idea of polychromeab

is a lot of know-how and passion. during the first 8 months the polychromelab

hybrid jacket managed to win 5 design awards 2 innovation pricemoney awards

and there were more to come.

this is a clear statement and a good base to continue with the project.

_winner aws impulse xs innovationsförderung 2010|

july 201o

_if outdoor industry award 2011|

july 2011

_tiroler design- und erfinderpreis 2011|

october 2011

_österreichischer staatspreis industriedesign 2011|

september 2011

_if material design award 2012|

december 2011

_austrian wirtschaftservice impulse innovationsförderung xl 2011|

december 2011

_ispo brand new award 2012| sportswear

february 2012

_ispo outdoor award 2012|

february 2012

outdoor industry award 2012|

july 2012

_german design award nom. 2013|alpine fab.

aug. 2012

_german design award nom. 2013|ff fab.

aug. 2012

_innovations award nom. tyrol|polychromelab fabs.

sept. 2012


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ispo presentation


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outdoor 2012


july 2012


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