ORF1 polychromelab ORF Newton

watch polychromelab on saturday 28.12.13 at 18:40 in ORF Newton


staring polychromelab_2610: the highest lab for textil reasearch

and polychromelab ALTA QUOTA: 3layer hybrid jacket


BUON NATALE 2013 to everybody following us and helping us spreading the voice of good products and lifestyle. the way is still long but the future is bright buon natale as we italian say.

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polychromelab 2610 – scientific research lab

in Puls4: 2 Minuten 2 Millionen


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Alta Quota Andreas

Finally – One jacket for everything!
Regardless wether I am on a trail right now or on the Piazza of Torbole sipping a Cappuccino, with this reversible jacket I’ll always feel comfortable! Simply reverse is a good principle: when I turn inside out, I am prepared for mostly anything, and I have the chance to leave some article of clothing at home.
Cheers, Andreas
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Alta Quota Richard – backcountry skiing gear

Customer report about backcountry skiing gear

“I’m wearing the polychromelab Alta Quota but I didn’t had the chance yet to try it on at backcountry skiing in Canada, for which I bought this jacket. It looks perfect and people are asking me about it. I went hiking the other day and I felt very good, it breaths and keeps me warm.”

Cheers, Richard, Canada

Richard, a happy customer of ours from Canada, bought our reversible jacket as backcountry skiing gear. Tell us, for what range of use you bought your Alta Quota with hashtag #polychromelab in social media.

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OEAV Lawinenupdate

some pictures of the OEAV Lawinenupdate in the Kurhaus in Hall with polychromelab.


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Polychromelab in 2 Minutes 2 Millions

2 Minutes 2 Millions Start Up Show

For those, who missed the start up show with polychromelab in 2 minutes 2 millions, here is the link to the online library http://www.puls4.com/video/2-minuten-2-millionen/play/2291110

And here is polychromelab’s outdoor apparel start up image video made by PULS 4.

Image Video polychromelab Outdoor Apparel from polychromelab

Here you can learn more about the scientific laboratory polychromelab 2610 in high altitude. If you liked the show and you want to buy our jacket, then visit our Webshop!

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2 Minutes 2 Millions polychromelab

Tonight at 20:15 on PULS 4: 2 Min 2 Mio with polychromelab and Michele Stinco.

(photo credit Jörg Klickermann)


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