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These are some of my favourite downhills. The first is an extreme route and the second one more for feeling. Both draws in Stubai with a slope from 43 to 48 degrees.

Enjoying a good late day of winter, here in Tyrol.

Cheers, Michele


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Sebastian Cuina

This is Sebastian Cuina, he is an orienteer in Argentina:

It was a hard race, 80 kilometers in two stages of 40. Each stage had 2.000 meters of altitude difference. We (a friend and I) made them in 17 hours. We are not going to be recognized, even in a 100 years from now for our challenge, but we are happy about our performance. We only had 2 and a half months of training. But it just was the beginning…

I still don’t have a lot of pictures, I am sending you just a few. I hope to find some in the next days. Even though, I am attaching two. What you see behind me is the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and the Tronador Mountain. Tronador has snow every year, and there is a glaciar on the top. I am running there to the Cerro Lopez Summit.

I want to apologize because I do not use the jacket, but temperature was 35°C, so I was running with a short slave T-shirt.

As soon as I get more pics, I will send them to you. Next step, I think it will be in May, at Cordoba Province, hiking Cerro Champaqui. There it is going to be COOOOLDDDD.

See you, Sebastian


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FrozenLAB 2 – cold spell in the alpine laboratory

Our textile laboratory Glungezer is frozen

Hoping our Lab won’t get a cold at these conditions.

We’re testing the Alta Quota and the Roccia Rossa polychrome fabric under all conditions. The Glungezer Hütte in Tyrol offers the best exposition for such quality researches. We’re very happy that we can do this in Tyrol, because it is often windy, summertimes hot and in the winter extremely cold. What else has an outdoor jacket to stand?

If you want to buy a jacket that is tested in the textile laboratory Glungezer, visit our polychromelab concept store.


FrozenLAB 1

16.03.2014  09:00

Unique conditions for testing at the Glungezer.

Extreme Exposition meets fabrics.

Moments one can’t buy.


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SPOTEO Roccia Rossa Bionica

Read the german article about our new ROCCIA ROSSA reversible jacket.

Pre-order at

We’re happy about every request!


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Supercompressor is a really cool plattform for the latest trends.

Check out the article about the adjustable theromstat jacket (thanks for the creative name, we’ve never tought of it):

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Still feels like skiing on the moon

It still feels like skiing on the moon. The wind creates forms with the snow no architect could build.


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Skiing on the Moon

In the hinterland of Tyrol, where only the wind can hear you, it is sometimes like skiing on the moon. Total loneliness and the howling of the wind bring forth images that couldn’t be desribed with any other words.


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Cool Hunting | News from New York

Trend Magazine Cool Hunting about polychromelab Innovative Jackets

Are you hunting for trends? They’ve got one!

Famous trend magazine Cool Hunting caught the revolutionary jacket by polychromelab, they first thought. But at the second glimpse this innovative jacket was coloured differently. How’s that possible, they asked and that’s why Cool Hunting is writing about polychromelab’s Roccia Rossa reversible jacket.

Roccia Rossa is a designer reversible jacket, which is developed with a hybrid purpose. Design jackets aren’t always as robust and functional, for example waterproof, as they should be. So designer Michele Stinco developed a truely fashion jacket with outdoor functionality. You wonder how this is working? Well, the exact technology is our secret, but we’re give you a hint: we used a ceramic membrane, which is both breathable and waterproof.

Here’s more about Roccia Rossa designer jacket in our webshop.

Here’s the article in Cool Hunting magazine online:

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