Alta Quota Johannes Rohm

Johannes Rohm bought for a trip through Norway from the south to the Nordcap a polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket. He had a lot of fun with the functionality of this high quality jacket. But words can’t describe what he has experienced in Norway, which atmosphere he has soaked in.

Are you positive about the Alta Quota? Get detailed information about our reversible jackets here

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FAZ about Porsche Design Jacket

Newspaper writes about Porsche Design Jacke

Read the german article in FAZ about the Porsche Design Jacket made of polychromelab’s fabric, that cools, warms and fits perfectly well.

It’s a sign of true quality, when a top class brand like Porsche Design uses the polychromelab reversible jacket to design a high-end sports jacket. More information on the collaboration between Porsche Design and polychromelab you find here: Porsche-Design-Jacket

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Project Solo trailrunning jacket

Adventure with trailrunning jacket

Michele Stinco, the extreme athlete and head of polychromelab, does sports every day, to either test the functionality of our own jackets or to train himself and enjoy the beautiful nature of Tyrol.

This way he exactly knows what outdoor gear has to offer under real conditions. It’s the perfect method for him to gain a lot of ideas for the innovation of our 3-layer-laminate jackets.

He calls these Outdoor sessions Project Solo. Only on your own, one can entirely feel what makes a high quality product better than anything else. It’s like the same what is expected from a companion: reliability, quality, warranty and functionality.

To be tested now: the polychromelab Roccia Rossa trailrunning jacket. Method: trailrunning extreme plus, without mercy for the fabric. Good equipment has to stand this!

Shopping Night Hall in Tirol

Shopping Night Hall in Tirol: Celebrating One Year polychromelab Store

Everybody who likes to stop by is welcome!

Our one year celebration of our historic store in Mustergasse Hall in Tirol felt together with Hall’s Shopping Night 2014. Like last year we invited friends and fans to come and have a drink with us.

It was a nice evening relaxing and think of new ideas. Here are some impressions of Hall’s Shopping Night at polychromelab’s Store for jackets.

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