Markus Koschuh about Startup polychromelab

And finally: The Movie about the first Start-up Poetry Slam by the Tyrolean Startup Day of AWS and CAST Tyrol in the Villa Blanka is online!

The well-known Markus Koschuh writes about the startup polychromelab. Enjoy the movie!

Here’s the link to the other four poets of the Tyrolean Start-up Day

Here you can buy the best stuff in the whole world polychromelab concept store.

Shepherd Matthias Aichner Alta Quota Summer – Part 1

2013 – Matthias Aichner, a shepherd from Austria, spends a summer on an alpine shieling. Up here one is always outside in nature. Alpine weather situations niggle all year long. The shepherd is only protect by a cheap wooden hut and his cloths. He has to go outside every day, even if it’s raining, snowing or winding heavily, but also when weather is pretty good.

Cattle drive up to the alpine pastures

Matthias Aichner prepares himself with good equipment before he is alone on an alpine shieling for months. He chooses polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket, that adapts itself perfectly to every condition. He is up to proof our statement about our jacket. Wearing every day the same jacket outside in nature could mean an absolute extreme test for any material.

Matthias Aichner starts summer with the cattle drive up to the alpine pastures. He needs a lot of experience and calmness to bring every cattle safe to top. Arriving at the shieling he is exhausted by the concetration and pull of the cattle drive up. As a reward the alps give him a sunset like it’s told in books.


The shepherd is on the shieling for some weeks yet. He has found his inner balance, even the bad weather of the first weeks couldn’t spoil his attitude. The Alta Quota reversible jacket keeps what was promised and is fully waterproof. This means a huge advantage for him, because this way he stays versatile to the weather conditions when he is outside with the cattles.

To speak again with people he has some guests over for a few days. They’re bringing him a present: good weather. We’re looking forward to what Matthias has to tell…

AWS impulse about polychromelab

The Austria Wirtschafts Service AWS writes an article about polychromelab. In the AWS impulse industry magazine 2014 a short overview about our allready 4 years lasting cooperation between the startup polychromelab and the AWS will be presentated. As we can see now, the sponsorships have done a great job. Read the full article in AWS impulse:

IMPULSE creativ industry magazine 2014

Johannes Rohm mit der Alta Quota Outdoorjacke in Norwegen

Ein Land voller Abwechslung – mit unberührter Natur und atemberaubenden Landschaften – Norwegen.

Johannes Rohm reiste mit eine Alta Quota Outdoorjacke einmal durch Norwegen. Er besuchte idyllische Dörfer, fuhr Ski auf nahezu unberührten Gletschern und genoss die spektakulären Sonnenuntergänge und Wetterlagen. Immer draußen, immer für alles gewappnet sein und immer Spaß haben. Eine Outdoorjacke, auf die Verlass ist, macht das möglich, denn nur polychromelab kühlt, wenn’s warm ist, und wärmt, wenn’s kalt ist, und ist gegen Wind und Wasser resistent.

Johannes Rohm kann die Alta Quota empfehlen. Erhältlich hier polychromelab concept store.

UTOPE fashion tech

UTOPE fashion tech jackets

Wolfgang Langeder and UTOPE follow a path which is not easy. The way is revolutionary – especially – unique! A jacket, designed by Wolfgang Langeder, is not just an ordinary jacket, that anyone could create. The Viennese label UTOPE stands for fashion tech and Couture. The overwhelming stylish jackets have incorporated electronic lights, allowing a jacket look like an installation in public space – a work of art everywhere at any time.

It’s nice to see that other companies opening new paths.

UTOPE & Wolfgang Landeder:




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The Cave under snow

After 7 hours of shovelling it was finally done: 5 meters wide, 3 meters deep. Quantities of snow.

We tested the tent The Cave by Heimplanet this winter in our alpine laboratory at the Glungezer, Tyrol this winter. The Cave was exposed to extreme conditions like storm and snow and stood the test. But the heavy snowfalls in spring buried the tent under meters of snow. Only now when snow is melting we could lift the tent.

3 months under masses of snow: The Cave is looking brand new and functioning flawlessly. An extreme test which wasn’t scheduled but brought quality to daylight.

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Start-up Poetry Slam with Markus Koschuh and polychromelab

Yesterday the probably first and unique Start-up Poetry Slam took place in the Villa Blanka, Innsbruck, hosted by AWS and CAST Tyrol, during the tyrolean Start-up Day. The Start-up Day informs young businessmen how to place innovative ideas on the market.

For this purpose the Start-up Day invited companies, which momentarily are in the process of founding. This way polychromelab was invited to the Start-up Poetry Slam. Stefan Abermann, Yasmin Hafedh, Markus Koschuh, Hans-Peter Ganner and Klaus Lederwasch showed their performance about the young companies. Markus Koschuh has chosen polychromelab and honoured us with an inspiring text, which impressed with its humor, intellect and magniloquence. The audience was delighted about the visualization of polychromelabs everyday work and Markus Koschuh won the preliminary round! In the final he just underlied Hans-Peter Ganner.

It was a thrilling evening full of humor, innovation and interesting information about austrian start-ups. For all, who missed the Start-up Poetry Slam, we will upload a video of the slam in about a week on our Vimeo Channel.

Yachtrevue über die Alta Quota Multifunktionsjacke

Die Yachtrevue Österreich hat einen Bericht über die Multifunktionsjacke Alta Quota geschrieben. Wasserdicht und winddicht ist die Wendejacke natürlich sehr gut auf See einsetzbar. Hier geht’s zum ganzen Artikel:

yachtrevue polychromelab alta quota

polychromelab concept store