Alois-Günther Haus is testing polychrome jackets

The Alois-Günther Haus in Styria and the sympathetic host Roland Hummer are persuaded by the polychrome hybrid jackets. They decided to exhibit the reversible jackets and give visitors of the shieling the chance to test the products themselves. It’s good to hear independent oppinions on our jackets. Roland Hummer takes stunning pictures and explains the principal of the jacket to a bunch of people.

Sport+Mode interviews Michele Stinco

The journal SpoMo Sport+Mode has heard from polychromelab because of the innovative way of product development. In the interview with Michele Stinco Viktoria Will presents the story of polychromelab and its alpine scientific research laboratory on the Glungezer in Tyrol.

Read the full interview in SpoMo Sport+Mode: Sport+Mode SpoMo Interview Michele Stinco polychromelab

Cycle EXIF visits PEdALED

The online Bike Blog Cycle EXIF visits the PEdALED Store in London. Next to nice designs for everything concerning cycling there is the new polychromelab reversible fabric PEdALED cycling jacket. You can read the story of the visit on Cycle EXIF:

PEdALED Fahrradjacke

Perfekt für den Sommer! Eine Radtour durch die Alpen oder einfach durch einige idyllische Dörfchen? Egal ob Extremsport oder Hobby, Performance oder Lifestyle. Mit der PEdALED Fahrradjacke, die aus dem einzigartigen polychromelab Wendelaminat gefertigt ist, ist man immer richtig gekleidet.

PEdALED verbindet Design und Funktion

PEdALED steht für Design, das nicht nur die Funktion beim Sport unterstützt, sondern auch den Träger in einer Stadt wie London gut aussehen lässt. Seit kurzem gibt es die wunderschöne PEdALED Fahrradjacke im Webshop zu kaufen. Aber Achtung, die Fahrradjacke ist auf 10 Stück limitiert. Also wer diese einzigartige Jacke kauft, dem gehört wirklich eine Besonderheit. Bestellungen im Juli werden sogar versandkostenfrei verschickt.


eco friendly water protection by HeiQ BARRIER

In the last few weeks, you could read more often in the media, that a few outdoor jackets use toxic coatings to make it waterproof jackets. Eco-friendly is not usually, because the toxins of the coatings are soluble in water and thus enter into the groundwater and burden on man and nature.

Eco friendly water protection

Polychromelab relies on sustainability and maximum environmental sustainability. In terms of water conservation, our high end outdoor jackets are provided with an environmentally friendly coating. This coating achieves the same services, like cheap, toxic coatings. So you can protect yourself very eco-friendly from wind and rain, without toxic PFCs.


This is possible because of HeiQ BARRIER. HeiQ barrier eco materials use a system of high-efficiency water repellency. How this unique premium product works, you can read here: BARRIER eco by HeiQ.


Ambition² meets polychromelab

We’re glad to present our Roccia Rossa product video, which is set to music by Ambition². The local DJ talent Ambition² was really inspired by polychromelab. Soon everything was arranged: Ambition² has chosen his song Spring to let dance the Roccia Rossa Design jacket.

More of Ambition²’s work on his Youtube Channel:

With his project Electro from Innsbruck Ambition² has made himself a name not just only in the local music scene. Dancable minimal is telling mysterious stories behind deep beats. Let us know how you like our new Roccia Rossa Preview.

polychromelab Roccia Rossa Preview from michele stinco on Vimeo.

Workingday with Heli

To upgrade the Glungezer Hütte and our Textile-Laboratory we had to transport the required material with a heli this year. Watch the short video, how we work under sunshine in the tyrolean alps.

polychromelab 2610 heli working day von michele stinco auf Vimeo.

Sun radiation to our jackets

In our alpine laboratory polychromelab 2610 on the Glungezer among other things we do research on which effect extreme sun radiation has on textiles. A few impressions of our work.

polychromelab 2610 jackets exposed to sun from michele stinco on Vimeo.

News from 2610 meters

We’re very proud about our latest acquirement on 2610 meters: since a few days there’s a bike next to the torsi for  product testing. Now we have the possibility to do research on both human and textile. We will explore how materials that were exposed to alpine conditions for months will interact with workload. Hopefully we’ll get answers to the questions whether the polychromelab materials is working under the most extreme conditions and what we can improve.

Of course everybody who likes to try it out himself is welcome to do some kilometers on the bike in our alpine laboratory next to the Glungezer Hütte.

Fast Donna Running Jacket Test

Running Jacket Test under Alpine Conditions

It’s hard to believe, but it’s only July and the begin of summer in Tyrol. So we’d like to share our little piece of evidence of this Alaska-like weather with you. Here’s a video of a running jacket test while snow is falling and ground is freezing.

Fast Donna running in May from polychromelab on Vimeo.

Obviously we can’t wait for sunshine either, but it were great conditions for testing our new Fast Donna Running Jacket for women under real alpine conditions. Conclusion: Breathability worked pretty good, warming at its best. See full details on this sports jacket here.