Outdoorjackets Test on ORF Newton

ORF Newton does an outdoorjackets test

This time ORF Newton decided to test outdoorjackets by comparison. Many producers claim adjectives like waterproof or extreme warming for their jackets. ORF Newton is going to ascertain, whether this is true or not, in a comparing outdoorjackets test.

In some warmth, coldness and rain tests three different jackets will be tested to detect their outdoor usability. One loden jacket, one down jacket and the polychromelab Alta Quota outdoorjacket compete in the ultimative test. What are the outdoorjackets capable of? How comfortable are the different products actually while wearing under extreme conditions?

ORF Newton is going to ascertain advantages and disadvantages of outdoorjackets in only ten minutes. Enjoy this interesting report!

ORF Newton outdoorjackets test from polychromelab on Youtube.

Well, what can I say? All jackets have advantages and disadvantages, but only one outdoorjacket is able to warm, when it’s cold, and cool, when it’s hot. The polychromelab Alta Quota ORF jacket is available in polychromelab concept store.

But ORF Newton doen’t believe lab’s test results, so they visit polychromelab’s Alpine Proof outdoor textiles research laboratory to test outdoor jackets for men and women under real weather conditions to investigate whether an outdoor jacket is truely high-tech or not. Here’s part two of ORF Newton’s outdoorjackets test with polychromelab.

More interesting reports about the topic outdoorjackets and applied science at the high altitude laboratory for textiles you’ll find here:



News about Innovation Startup in textiles sector

Small companies sustain innovation

The austrian newspaper Wirtschaftsblatt Österreich writes about the story of founding of the Tyrolean startup polychromelab. To go into business yourself and found a company means a huge risk to everybody, who decides to do so. Especially the first five years are the hardest. One has to learn a lot about it and to be flexible. And above all in Austria one has to bring along innovation. Innovation makes products unique and only innovative, unique products stand a chance to come out on top.

“In the USA they know that small companies sustain innovation.” – Christoph Holz, visualyze GmbH

Polychromelab is a small company and for that we are very proud about this article in the WirtschaftsBlatt. Here you find the article about the innovation startup polychromelabGründer-würden-es-wieder-tun.

More about the topic innovation in the textile sector you’ll get here: Alpbach-Forum-Alpine-Proof. The idea behind Alpine Proof is to realise an alpine seal of approval for outdoor gear, that labels qualitive products, which are tested in the Tyrolean Alps.

polychromelab concept store

Photo Credit: Florian Rainer

Majestic sunset at the seaside

On the road with a travelling jacket in Italy

When I’m travelling through Europe in summer, the Alta Quota travelling jacket is always with me. Super light and good to pack no backpack is short of space for the jacket. I’m always glad to have in the Alta Quota an all time suitable jacket with me, because at the seaside it could be wonderful, but also rough and cold. A travelling jacket shelters.

And indeed it was wonderful on the journey through Italy this year: northern Italy, late summer, at the shore of the Adriatic sea. Breathtaking sunset.

Rarely one could look on such a bright sky and phenomenal light. On this evening the majestic sunset dips the foaming waves sometimes in deep red, sometimes in shining gold. An unique view. Luckily I could brave the rough wind with my windproof jacket. The Alta Quota travelling jacket makes beautiful moments true and, especially, motivates to go outside. Travelling with a good jacket one never gets sick, always looks good and doesn’t heft to much in no case.

polychromelab concept store


A shepherd needs a fall jacket

Thomas Quarta wears the Alta Quota fall jacket on an alpine shieling

The shepherd Thomas Quarta is already 120 days alone on an alpine shieling in Switzerland. Not all alone, because there are some cattles – and of course his first choice for a jacket: The Alta Quota Outdoorjacket for men.

If you haven’t read the first part of his adventure on the alpine shieling yet, then click here.

Thomas Quarta looks slightly tired after 120 days alone and the bad weather in summer 2014. Fortunately he has chosen the ecofriendly fall jacket from polychromelab, when he planed what he wants to take with him on the alpine shieling. All summer long he won’t go into the valley and he has little luggage with him too. Because of that he decided to take a jacket, that responds to every weather situation.

The loneliness in the mountains

On the alpine shieling a lot of work is to do. He has to care for the cattles, to take them to feeding locations and to protect them. As a shepherd he is outside all day long and when he comes home in the evening, he even has to cook something, only having spare ingredients.

If Thomas Quarta has done well in the loneliness of the Alps, you’ll now soon. If you want to know more about the all-weather-jacket, visit our webshop polychromelab concept store.


New mountain jacket with new colours

Testing new colour combination of the mountain jacket

A mountain jacket not only has to offer functionality, but also has to look good. As a valuable textiles-manufacturer of course both aspects lie us to heart.

First of all, we develope jackets, that can stand even the most extreme conditions in the mountains. To test this out we expose the proto-types a few months to the unpredictable alpine weather at the Glungezer-Lab. Because a mountain jacket has to be windproof, waterproof and sturdy. Through natural erosion of wind and rain we can survey how well the material does under real conditions.

But also fashion aspects do matter to us. Because of that we develope new colour combinations, which work properly and additionaly look pretty good. First there was black-silver, then blue-bronze and now a grey-green mountain jacket. All jackets are conceptualized as reversible jackets and, if you believe it or not, the dark-coloured side warms and the bright-coloured side cools. This way the hybrid jacket not only protects from wind and weather, but also supports the wearer to regulate and stabilise body temperature.

Soon the day has come: one of the final tests is the applied test of the proto-type. Here are some pictures of a mountain run through the Alps wearing the new grey-green mountain jacket from polychromelab.

If you want to buy a jacket, then visit our Onlineshop polychromelab concept store.

Michele Stinco and Elisabeth Frey about alpine seal of approval

Polychromelab talks about their idea Alpine Proof

It all started, as normal, at a mountain hike. Again gear couldn’t conform to the weather conditions in the mountains. If there only would be a warranty for Outdoor-products, that they really keep their promises outside in nature! Who hasn’t thought of it?

Michele Stinco and Elisabeth Frey from polychromelab started to test polychromelab fabrics under real weather conditions – and not only in sterile laboratories. The testing results of the prototype-jackets meant a qualified insight for product development to polychromelab. The company takes an advantage of their situation in the heart of the tyrolean Alps.

Alpine Proof as an alpine seal of approval

Step by step the idea of Alpine Proof takes shape in the thinkings of Michele and Elisabeth. In their own alpine textile-laboratory at the Glungezer in Tyrol even products from foreign apparel producers were tested on trial. Now the project Alpine Proof reaches the next stage: In near future an alpine seal of approval should come to life with fincial supports and broad cooperation between a lot of partners to allow international and local apparel producers to test their Outdoor gear in Tyrol to get the alpine seal of approval, named Alpine Proof.

The goal of the project is innovation and progress for textiles sector. More about this topic you’ll find here or on the website of Standortagentur Tirol.

Michele Stinco and Elisabeth Frey talk about the idea of Alpine Proof at the European Innovation Forum Alpbach Tirol.

What is the idea of Alpine Proof? by Michele Stinco from polychromelab on Vimeo.

Lechtal-Blog about our hiking jacket

Happy customers write about experiences with hiking jacket

It is always great to get a feedback, but this report makes us especially happy: Two contented customers honored us with a report on their website and tell about their experiences with the polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket, which they use as an ideal hiking jacket.

“That at a trek through the Alps requests good equipment is natural. Hopefully – everybody immediatedly thinks about appropriate shoes and protective gear is also well known prompt. But a suitable jacket is often a problem: Warm! Waterproof! Light! Windproof! Strechtable! A lot of demands that exclude itselves sometimes.”

But apparently our light 3layer fabric synthesises this contrary demands. If you are curious about it now, what happy customers can tell about an outdoor jacket for men and women, then read about the review here: report-experience-with-hiking-jacket.

Conclusively, here is an Outdoor picture, how the Alta Quota hiking jacket looks like, worn outside in nature.

polychromelab concept store

Fast Donna – super light ladies running jacket

Ladies running jacket in outdoor use test

We take it to heart to develope innovative products. Everywhere, where are shortcomings on the market and new customers’ needs emerge, innovation is required. Innovation not only means novelty but also progress and improvement. And this is exactly what we do: this time it is a ladies running jacket we’d like to innovate.

Fast Donna running jacket is perfect for women. The sporty, feminine style suits for both sports and leisure time. More than one year we put the jacket to the acid test in Tyrol’s nature, because we want the durability of polychrome jackets to outlast a long time, so the running jacket becomes more like a companion for life. Below there are some pictures of the Fast Donna outdoor use test.

But only to create a new running jacket is still no innovation. A high tech jacket has to offer an additional value and this is exactly what the Fast Donna does. The ladies running jacket is conceptualized as a reversible jacket, that can warm and cool. So if you’re doing sports, just wear the metallic silver side outside and the textile reflects sunlight to cool body temperature down. If you’re exhausted, simply reverse inside out and the dull black side absorbs sunlight to warm the body noticeably. Besides, the Fast Donna weighs only 240g.

Curious? Visit our polychromelab concept store for more information about the Fast Donna. By the way, our concept was nominated for the Innovation Award Tirol 2014.

Nominee for Innovation Award 2014 Tyrol

WKO Tirol nominates polychromelab as best concept

Every year the Innovation Award Tyrol hosted by the Federal Chamber for economics Tyrol gets confered. This award honors creative and innovative companies from Tyrol, which managed to place modern products or attendances on the market. Here is an overview of this year’s Innovation Award: WKO-Innovation-Award-Tyrol-2014.

This year polychromelab takes part the second time. In the category for the best concept polychromelab’s new fabric in blue / bronze competes against other companies from Tyrol. The new reversible layer is able to warm on the blue side the wearer through physics without any toxic PFCs and – when reversed to the other side – to cool body temperature down on the bronze side. Eco-friendliness, Innovation and Design play a huge roll for decision of the jury. Get an idea of the innovative Roccia Rossa reversible jacket yourself in our Onlineshop!

On Wednessday 15th Oktober 2014 the Innovation Award gets confered in the Landhaus at the Eduard-Wallnöfer-Platz in Innsbruck. Here some more information about the other categories of this year’s prize-giving ceremony: WKO-Innovation-Award-Overview.

Making of the video for the Innovation Award

On the occasion of the prize-giving ceremony a promotional video of polychromelab reversible jackets was made. You can watch the promotional video primal on 15th Oktober, but we can present the pictures of the Making Of. Here is the gallery of the film shooting with Fancytreefilms in our office in Mustergasse 5, Hall in Tirol.