Alpine Jackets Video at Innovation Award Tirol

Alpine Jackets Video: how alpine jackets by polychromelab work

in 2014 Alpine Jackets by polychromelab were nominated for the Innovation Award Tyrol in the category best concept. Unfortunately we couldn’t win against very professional competition at this year’s prize-wining ceremony. But on the occasion of being nominee the filmteam Fancytreefilms made a video explaining our functional alpine jackets.

Enjoy the alpine jackets video! The concept truely is an innovation, thanks to Fancytreefilms!

Functional Alpine Jackets by polychromelab – Innovation Award Tyrol 2014 from polychromelab on Youtube

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BMW 7 Inspirations and polychromelab

What is BMW 7 Inspirations?

Every 6 months the booklet BMW 7 Inspirations exclusively for BMW 7 customers with special offers for BMW 7 drivers with BMW customers card is released. In this year’s november booklet polychromelab is starred. Here is a short assistance for the order process, so the way to your own polychromelab sports jacket is little bit easier.

Assistance for ordering – BMW 7 Inspirations and polychromelab

Mobility and sports are two things polychromelab outdoor jackets for men and women stand for. Therefore the stylisch sports jackets are made for everyone, who love spending time outside and put emphasis on functionality combined with design and elegance. The design by Michele Stinco disguises an outdoor alpine jacket as a classy designers jacket, that not only looks good but also is working perfectly.

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Alta Quota jacket for men black/silver

Alta Quota jacket for women black/silver

Alta Rossa jacket for men navy/bronce

Alta Rossa jacket for women navy/bronce

Fast Donna running jacket for women black/silver

Simply add the requested jacket to the cart in our onlineshop and afterwards enter your coupon-code. Additionally we account 7,50€ for shipping costs, so your new polychromelab reversible jacket will arrive soon and securely. The campaign is valid through 31.05.2015. If you have any questions concerning products or order process, write us an email to We’re happy to help.

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Participate to the Flipneck raffle

Polychromelab’s winter accessory raffle on facebook

You stil haven’t participated to the Flipneck raffle from polychromelab on facebook? Until 15.12.2014 you have the chance to win one of 10 winter accessories. All you have to do is to visit our facebook-profile and participate to the raffle.

Win the winter accessory Flipneck for ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing here:

Do you wonder what exactly a polychrome Flipneck is? The Flipneck is like a scarf – but a thousand times better. It protects from snow, wind and coldness and is reversed easily. On the black side the subsitute for a scarf warms even at the most extreme coldness. If outside temperatures are getting warmer and solar radiation higher, one can reverse the winter accessory to enable best wearing comfort to concentrate on one’s lines without sweating or scrubing.

If you don’t want to wait for the raffle to finish, you can buy yourself a small christmas present now and have a look on the Flipneck for ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing in our polychromelab concept store.

Arising of a Storm – Textiles Research Tyrol

Textiles research Tyrol: a strom over the alpine lab

From 4th to 5th November a seriously heavy storm browsed over Tyrol. At many places the storm destroyed roofes and did a lot of further damage. At the peak of Mount Glungezer nearby Innsbruck the storm was that heavy that a grown man barely could have stayed on his feet. In our high altitude laboratory for textiles research Tyrol we measured wind velocity of 264km/h.

Thanks to our webcams, which are observating the weather situations day and night, we now have a video of the weather constellation at the days before the storm and zero hour. It wasn’t the first time that a heavy storm swept across Tyrol. Here’s the video from our textiles research laboratory Tyrol at the Glungezer:

Heavy Storm 04/05 11 2014 polychromelab 2610 264km/h from polychromelab on Vimeo.

That’s how extreme weather can be in Tyrol. The snow quickly was blown away and even so for our test dummies.

The heavy damage the storm did to our lab for textiles research Tyrol also offers an advantage for us: the measurement data afford us deep insight in the behaviour of textiles and jackets under heavy conditions, so we can improove our work for the future. This exact concept led the German company Heimplanet to us: they’ve tested their tents in our alpine lab polychromelab 2610.

Do you want to witness a storm like this one yourself or just want to go for a nice hike, then visit our textiles research lab at Mount Glungezer. More information about the alpine laboratory for textiles research and our host Glungezer Hütte you’ll find here.

New Colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

Proven concept – new colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

After advanced research, long time testing and with loads of expertise we finally finished our new functional alpine jacket Alta Verde for men and women!

The concept stays the same as with the Alta Quota outdoor jacket. Waterproof, windproof, highly breathable and stretchy are only a few attributes the alpine Alta Verde combines. This way the functional alpine jacket offers all important outdoor functions to be versatile at all activities in the mountains. The Alta Verde offers maximum wearing comfort outside in nature.

The ultimate novelty, whether you believe it or not, is that the grey-green reversible jackets is cooling and warming. Without chemistry, only by applied textile physics. How’s that possible? It’s a simple concept: the matt grey side of the jacket absorbs warmth of the sunlight by special surface finish and transports it inside jacket. If outside temperatures are getting warmer, simply reverse the functional alpine jacket, so the metalic green side reflects sunlight to keep warmth away from the wearer. This way the Alta Verde makes it possible to regulate and stabilise actively the temperature inside the jacket.

Get an idea of the alpine jacket for men and women yourself and visit our polychromelab concept store.

Outdoor-Blog about textile research

Outdoor-Blog Hochbewegt writes about polychromelab’s textile research in Tyrol

And again we’ve found a interesting media posting about polychromelab. Thanks to the outdoor-blog Hochbewegt, which is writing a thrilling report about our textile research in the Tyrolean Alps. You’ll find the full article about applied textile research here.

“The Tyrolean startup company polychromelab tragets placing the outdoor apparel of the future on the market.”

And this is exactly what we stand for. With our outdoor research in our alpine lab polychromelab 2610 we’d like to realise an alpine seal of approval for textiles and apparel in near future. The so called Alpine Proof distinguishes products, which were put to the acid test under real weather conditions in the Tyrolean Alps. The goal to achieve is to install a seal of approval for highly qualitative textiles, which, tested under real conditions, will keep their promisses.

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you all about the progress of our textile research in the Tyrolean Alps.

This is the way to the official textile lab profile on Facebook of polychromelab:

Innovative polychromelab in Eco.Nova

Innovation of polychromelab in Eco.Nova

The economics magazine Eco Nova writes about polychromelab. The idea of Alpine Proof is to start a cooperation with the country Tyrol and some textile manufacturers to realise an alpine seal of approval to test apparel. The project simply is called Textiles.

More about the clever fabrics and the innovation of polychromelab you’ll find here:

eco.nova AlpineProof

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And don’t forget about sharing, so your friends also learn about Alpine Proof, the alpine seal of quality for textiles. More on Alpine Proof by polychromelab here.

Winter accessoire raffle from polychromelab

Flipneck winter-accessoire raffle on Facebook

Soon the day has come and the first polychromelab winter-accessoires will be available in our Onlineshop. But first of all, there is the chance for you to win an unique polychrome Flipneck. Just visit our Facebook-Profile and participate at the raffle.

Anyway, what is a polychrome Flipneck? It is explained easily: A Flipneck is just like a scarf – but a thousand times better. It’s cooling, warming and protecting under all conditions from snow, wind and cold. The polychrome Flipneck is the prefect substitute for a scarf in winter.

All day long outside on slope one often gets to warm under a scarf or it slips out of place and so on. But without a scarf it is much too cold. The new polychromelab winter accessoire offers a solution: the Flipneck is reversed easily and, wheter it’s hot or cold, the reversible scarf protects from snow, wind and cold.

Interested now? So visit our Facebook-Profile and participate at the raffle here. And don’t forget about sharing, so your friends also have the chance to win one out of 10 Flipneck-Accessoires from polychromelab.

AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets

The AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab

AWS supports multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab for three years already. Here what AWS has to say about polychromelab outdoorjackets:

Impulse XS supported fabric, realised as a reversible jacket, absorbs warmth, reflects warmth by reversing the jacket. Best protection at sports or work. What else? New usabilities and fabric combinations will be explored. Cool/Hot?

The business concept is based on the product development of a fabric, visaualised and realised as a hybrid outdoorjacket, which received financial support by impulse XS in 2011. The unique selling proposition of the jacket is the polychrome-laminat fabric. The jacket is able to absorb warmth through textile physics and reflect warmth by applied physics and adapts itself easily to every weather condition by turning inside out. These features are the optimal preconditions for manufacturing a fabric with a ceramic membrane as sports apparel and work protection apparel. Through an intelligent composition of fabric, inside and membrane in combination with different textiles emerge many undeveloped possibilities of application and production of different types of jackets. This two temperature zones based system is waterproof, highly breathable, windproof, stylish and sustainable conceptualized. A wide range of use will be explored in near future, more fabrics will be developed. This concept makes the way for a whole new types of jackets.

More information about the Statement of the AWS and the story of polychromelab you’ll find here: AWS-hybrid-Outdoorjackets-Startup.

The multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab are available in polychromelab concept store.