Store Ski Manufacture: Our First Jackets Shop

Moving to Serfaus Fiss Ladis: Jackets Shop Ski Manufacture in Hall in Tyrol

After two great years we’re leaving the jackets shop in Hall in Tyrol and move to Sefaus Fiss Ladis. Here we find a site combining alpine textiles research Alpine Proof near the place we’re living and working. Samnaun-Silvretta mountains offer unlimited possibilities for taking jackets from polychromelab by continious tests to the next level. Thinking of all the new chances we don’t want to forget about the happy and particular important memories of our stay at Hall in Tyrol and Glungezer.

Part 1: Reviving Ski Manufacture

Back in the days smallest ski manufacturer of the world was situated in the historic part of Hall in Tyrol. The spirit of these original, handmade Vielhaber-skis is still alive. Jackets retailer polychromelab worked in an unique atmosphere: Tyrol offers its beautiful nature and mountains, polychromelab combines this idea with innovation and urbanity.

We had many guests over in our Store Ski Manufacture and met some inspiring personalities. Having a brief chat with the inventors, soaking in the spirit and wearing the product during a walk around the block and feel immediately function and style, many stopped by and got to know polychromelab’s functioning principle.

It all started after a long time of rest with a great house warming party in the former Vielhaber-Ski Manufacture. At the same time we opened our online shop, we invited friends and fans to the opening of our first jackets shop to have a grill burger and drink with us.

In the next two years some great events took place like the visit of ZDF’s filmteam. They had a look on both the glungezer lab and our store in Hall in Tyrol to get to know where we work. Here’s the full video from ZDF.

But this wasn’t the only film made in this historic jackets shop: Filmteam Fancytreefriends shot the image video of polychromelab for Tyrol’s Innovation Award 2014 starring alpine jackets by polychromelab. Here’s a picture from the set.

After this great time spent we always think of our first jackets shop with positive feelings, but we’re also happy to take the next step to Serfaus Fiss Ladis.

Here’s the jackets shop’s contact area.

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We’re moving to Serfaus Fiss Ladis!

Moving to Serfaus Fiss Ladis: Skiing Gear Research in Samnaun and Silvretta Alps

We hardly can’t wait, at the same time we’re feeling a little bit queasy, but soon polychromelab moves from Hall in Tyrol / Glungezer to Serfaus Fiss Ladis. This means we have to move the alpine skiing gear research lab Alpine Proof too. In a few months we’re enjoying great conditions, possibilities and mountains in Serfaus Fiss Ladis in Samnaun and Silvretta Alps. There we will continue applied textiles research and jacket tests only a few minutes away from our new office. On 1st August 2015 there will be polychromelab in Serfaus Fiss Ladis. How to reach us in the meantime, you’ll learn in our contact area here.

That’s it for now. But at this point we’d like to say how great our stay in Hall in Tyrol / Glungezer was. Sometimes one like’s to split down in the middle.

On this occassion we’re remembering two great years of skiing gear research at Glungezer Hütte. Here’s an insight to polychromelab’s work at Glungezer Hütte.

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World First Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket

Shop polychromelab and Heimplanet Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket

Out now the new Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket by polychromelab and Heimplanet in Heimplanet’s online shop. Design and Fashion Blog Hypebeast also goes for this hybrid jacket’s functionality.

Product development of Cairo Camo hybrid jacket

It all starts – like always – with an idea. Heimplanet decides to manufacture special camouflage tents. For this purpose Cairo Camo pattern is developed. This geometric Arabic pattern creates with special colouring a three-dimensional, tectonic effect that we call “camouflage”.

Additionally, to go in line with the new Heimplanet tents, a true hybrid jacket is designed. The goal is to combine design and functinal aspects without reduction. This is why Heimplanet meets polychromelab. We know each other since ISPO 2012 and worked together in winter 2013/14 to test Heimplanet’s tents under extreme conditions at polychromelab’s Alpine Proof outdoor laboratory at mount Glungezer scientifically.

Polychromelab designs a concept and develops the technic for pigmentation of polychromelab hybrid textiles. This isn’t a very easy process, because we needed to prove long lasting of colour pigments in 2000 simulation hours at Alpine Proof outdoor laboratory.

Cairo Camo Chameleon Jacket

2000 hours. Let’s say one wears his jacket about two hours a day. So if we divide 2000 by two, we have 1000 wearing days. 1000 days are almost three years. So a Cairo Camo jacket can by worn for three years, everyday, under the most extreme conditions, without colour bleaching.

How does this work? We have something up our sleeve: there is a posibility to proof colour pigmentation on a fabric that don’t become lighter with the time but darker. So Cairo Camo hybrid jacket doesn’t bleach out and as a functional jacket stays an unique design apparel. And the best thing is: the whole process works without toxics!

Cairo Camo at Firmament Berlin

At last, we’d like to mention that Outdoor Aesthetics made a great video interviewing Stefan Clauss from Heimplanet explaining Heimplanet, Cairo Camo and team work with polychromelab. Enjoy the video!

And for all the exited ones, there’s place for the most important link: have a look on Cairo Camo hybrid jacket at Heimplanet online shop!


Lifestyle Startup on Forbes Austria

Magazine Forbes Austria about Lifestyle Startup polychromelab

The economics magazine Forbes Austria writes about lifestyle startup polychromelab. In April’s edition of this well-known magazine the situation of austrian startups is a key subject. Austrian apparel retailer polychromelab with its innovative 3-layer-laminate reversible jacket is under top 20 of Austria’s startups.

Forbes Austria gives an overview about the situation of young startups on Austria’s market. The key problem for startups in Austria is the fact that 90% of newly founded companies go out of business in the first two years. The problematic shortcomings are: Budget, Stradegy and Marketing. Despite great innovations which could revolutionize the market, startups have to sell their ideas or crash. The result is an enormous potential lying waste.

More information on these difficulties you’ll find in April’s edition of Forbes Austria. Get the whole polychromelab story in our blog and onlineshop. Obviously we’re happy about surviving the first two years as a lifestyle startup, but we share AWS impulse’s oppinion of stronger financial support for Austrian startups.

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