Brick Shell Alpine Proof Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis

Textile Research Lab Alpine Proof Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis in the Fledgling Stage

It’s all moving on really fast: The new Alpine Proof Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis textiles research lab is still in the fledgling stage, but, where before wasn’t a stone on the other, one can have a look at the foundation for jackets of tomorrow. A friendly family on their holiday in Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis is taking that chance. As we were meeting with the organisational team, we could inform some interested people.

It’s really great to have some helpful hands and friendly support from the municipality and to talk about this project with interested guests from all over the world. Moving from Hall in Tirol to Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis means hard work, so we’re happy about even the smallest mindfulness.

Especially when the new Alpine Proof high altitude research lab becomes clearer shapes from one day to the other. Soon on this very place a high-tech research facility could be vistited to create the jackets of tomorrow. Quality, duarbility, sustainability, customer orientation and style. Soon we can have a glance at it, soon it’ll be there!

polychromelab concept store

Innovation Tailoring in Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis

Press Release Outkomm about Summer Alpine Jackets

The sports press area Outkomm explains polychromelab summer alpine jackets after testing the jackets outdoor. The result shows a great overview about functionalities, ranges of use and comparisons of product performances of polychromelab summer alpine jackets.

Read the full German press release on Outkomm about polychromelab summer alpine jackets. For English information please visit our onlineshop here.


Innovation Tailoring in the New Office

It is not for nothing that this press statement was released: Starting august, the “innovationg tailoring polychromelab”, like they’re fondly calling us, has its new office in skiing region Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis. Moving means a lot of work to do, especially moving an high altitude research lab from one place to another, on which we’ve reported a few weeks ago. But this wasn’t the only challenge we had to manage, additionally we had to build our new office TexStyleKitchen.

This name isn’t made up out of thin air: In a former inn on Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis’ sun plateau we’re renovating at the moment. Coincidentally we temporarily stored alpine jackets in the former kitchen of the inn. The name almost was perfect, but the special pronouncation of “style” should spell out that we’re not only engineer functional textiles, but also flavour our soup with a great amount of style and design.

You’ll find the latest updates on renovation of TexStyleKitchen on our facebook page.

Outdoor Research in Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis

Moving to Serfaus: Alpine Proof Outdoor Research and its new Location

Polychromelab’s Alpine Proof is a project to establish a seal of approval for outdoor gear, which is tested under extreme weather conditions in Tyrol to investigate its credibility and functioning. Alpine Proof still is at the ready, but soon polychromelab’s textiles outdoor research finds a new location in Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis.

Part 4: This is just a Slope, isn’t it?

Four men and one dog are standing on a slope nearby a ski lift of skiing region Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis. In winter there are dozens of people on this very ski slope. But how should one do outdoor research here?

Well, it won’t be an alltogether uncomplicated project, because now there isn’t a sign that in a few weeks the new Alpine Proof textiles research lab will be standing here. We’re especially happy about this professional collaboration with Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis, which makes dreams come true (soon).

These pictures are from the breifing. In a few weeks a platform will be built on this spot. Then we’ll have a lab with internet, meteo station, sleeping accommodation and most importantly dummies for textiles outdoor research. These we’ll use to simulate wearing of outdoor gear. This way we can scientifically prove what outdoor gear is capable of outdoors – not behind closed doors in studios – and whether there are weak spots which can be improved.

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