Alpine Proof

What is Alpine Proof?

The research project Alpine Proof represents a collaboration of science and economy to investigate and innovate sport products. Because of outdoor apparel standing up to extreme weather conditions and high material strain, apparel manufacturers go to their limits. Pushing sport science in the mountains ahead we analyse outdoor apparel, identify weak points and improve sport products – to go one step beyond the limits.

Alpin Proof Campus 2020

Through its unique exposition world’s highest outdoor lab for apparel makes it possible to either test sport products dosed under real weather conditions or expose them entirely to rough natural forces of the Alps. Here one can witness the whole year at every weather situation testing of outdoor apparel at first hand. Enjoying this unique atmosphere Standortagentur Tirol produces this great movie!

The study of sport science incorporates the interaction of man, apparel and weather in mountain regions at the polychromelab Alpine Proof Outdoor Lab. More on this here: What is Alpine Sport Science?

In Alpine Proof Outdoor Lab at Schönjoch 2436 we run several strain and textile tests for outdoor apparel. More on this here: What are Textile Physics?

Clothing physiology is the knowledge of how to design outdoor apparel in the most effective way. Insights we get through real weather loading and textile tests at the outdoor lab are essential to manufacture apparel of tomorrow. More on this here: What is Clothing Physiology?

Measuring temperature with a thermometer one gets the meterological correct temperature. But the human body understands felt air temperature very subjective. More on this here: What is Felt Air Temperature?

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