Alta Quota Helmut

the first application of the jacket was at Obertauern, Austria. The jacket fits like it’s tailored. It’s a good feeling to wear such a jacket made out of an high-end quality fabric. Even if one compares the jacket to products of some other considerable sportswear manufactures, the Alta Quota stands the test.
Cheers from my wonderful skiing days,


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Stefan Höltschi – a ski guide

This is Stefan, on of the really 1st persons asking about the polychromelab jacket. in august 2012

Hi polychromelab,

I’ve heard in the Media about your ISPO Award 2013 for the Alta Quota reversible jacket. Now I wonder where to buy it.

Cheers from Switzerland,

Stefan Höltschi

now we are proud to have him as a ambassador in switzerland. as ski guide he will be able to enjoy la alta quota every day.


polychromelab concept store



finally we found home polychromelab2013 it is a ski museum – and the smallest skifactory worldwide started 1934 – 1994 called vielhaber ski. a old stonehall in the heart of hall. the patron is still alive and we are happy to meet heritage, amazing ideas and tradtion in skimanufacturing. michele