polychromelab …

… for Nature

polychromelab cools when it’s warm and warms when it’s cold, and represents a  reduction to max – without unnecessary weight. polychromelab is for many applications, all weather conditions.  Polychromelab is the unique . Functional,  hybridity driven and pure aesthetics .

polychromelab is Mountain Style, Livestyle and DNA . We live what we do.

polychromelab is Europe. This means significantly shorter manufacturing chains, and consequently a reduced burden on the environment and on people. polychromelab is sustainable and efficient. For this reason each individual polychromelab component is European.

… for People

polychromelab focus on the individual needs of people, and tailors each product precisely to meet  requirements of leisure activities and professional life.

Nobody is exploited by polychromelab, and the products are deliberately not manufactured in the Far East. While our costs are a little higher as a result, this is a matter of great importance to us. And is something of which we are very proud. polychromelab is an honest and very open minded company. In terms of production, as well as in its dealings with people. polychromelab knows all its producers and production sites in person. This enables us to react flexible and quick to possible changes, and guarantees  the best possible quality.

At polychromelab you can watch us at work. Whether at our DesignStudio TexStilKüche  or at our high-altitude laboratory.  Polychromelab enjoys tackling new challenges. Both in the field of research as well as in the area of development. And always stress the points sustainability, tech and style.

All polychromelab products are available in the online shop here: polychromelab concept store