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Trend Magazine Cool Hunting about polychromelab Innovative Jackets

Are you hunting for trends? They’ve got one!

Famous trend magazine Cool Hunting caught the revolutionary jacket by polychromelab, they first thought. But at the second glimpse this innovative jacket was coloured differently. How’s that possible, they asked and that’s why Cool Hunting is writing about polychromelab’s Roccia Rossa reversible jacket.

Roccia Rossa is a designer reversible jacket, which is developed with a hybrid purpose. Design jackets aren’t always as robust and functional, for example waterproof, as they should be. So designer Michele Stinco developed a truely fashion jacket with outdoor functionality. You wonder how this is working? Well, the exact technology is our secret, but we’re give you a hint: we used a ceramic membrane, which is both breathable and waterproof.

Here’s more about Roccia Rossa designer jacket in our webshop.

Here’s the article in Cool Hunting magazine online:

Cool Hunting reversible Jacket polychromelab