eco friendly water protection by HeiQ BARRIER

In the last few weeks, you could read more often in the media, that a few outdoor jackets use toxic coatings to make it waterproof jackets. Eco-friendly is not usually, because the toxins of the coatings are soluble in water and thus enter into the groundwater and burden on man and nature.

Eco friendly water protection

Polychromelab relies on sustainability and maximum environmental sustainability. In terms of water conservation, our high end outdoor jackets are provided with an environmentally friendly coating. This coating achieves the same services, like cheap, toxic coatings. So you can protect yourself very eco-friendly from wind and rain, without toxic PFCs.


This is possible because of HeiQ BARRIER. HeiQ barrier eco materials use a system of high-efficiency water repellency. How this unique premium product works, you can read here: BARRIER eco by HeiQ.