Polychromelab 2nd gen is on

today i went to test the new polychrome prototypes 2nd gen. believe it or not – snow ist steady “bad” like the whole season apart from a few weeks and a few lines. bad weather is coming. greets michele

In the Alps with Winter Ski Jacket

Testing Winter Ski Jacket in extreme Couloirs in Tyrol

Polychrome jacket test is going to the next stage. First prototypes are ready, but this winter ski jacket still has to be tested in application. So I decided to do one of my favourite extreme couloirs in the Tyrolean Alps. Enjoy nature, skiing on fresh snow, conditions are good as ever. It is always a pleasure to be hosted by this arena of free ride skiing.

Pictures bellow are showing today’s experience with testing the new polychrome winter ski jacket at free ride skiing. On the way down the black coloured warming side kept me comfortable warm. Waterproofness is working properly and I’m able to conclude some notices for improoving the polychrome winter ski jacket for men and women.

polychromelab concept store

Testing under real conditions

finally we received 15 – 20cm of fresh snow – so i continued my testingperiod. bad weather but good snow. today i compared two products doing two uphills and two nice pow rides each 1000m vertical down .  greets michele

Polychrome Jacket Day 3

bad weather – strong wind – foggy and a bit of snow more or less 5cm – good for testing.

greets michele

Polychrome Jacket Day 2

today i did a mixed test, rockclimbing with skis and freetouring exploring something new. there are a few steep coloirs to explore on the aperer pfaffengrat. product is working well. snow is still bad – weather is still good. greets michele


Backyard testing


Michele Stinco wins Impulsförderprogramm 2010

Textiles Project Funding for Michele Stinco Austria

“A long journey is over and another significant part of my life starts. I am able with the win of a ideacompetition and pricemoney supported by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft in Austria to start with a experimental development and bring new impulses to the outdoor world. The development will take one year and hopefully I am able to present my product on the tradeshow Outdoor Friedrichshaven 2011.”

Michele Stinco