What is Felt Air Temperature?

Influence of Felt Air Temperature on Clothing Comfort

A sapphire blue sky, high sun radiation and icy coldness? Squally wind, high altitude and nevertheless it is warm? Felt air temperature consists of atmospheric temperature, sun radiation, windspeed and humidity, like everyone percieves these factors individually. If you measure temperature using a thermometer, on the one hand you know the meterologically correct temperature, but on the other hand the human body understands felt air temperature very subjective.

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This picture shows the perfect example of a winter day: Hardly any clouds in the sky, you can see the sun quite clearly, but still high altitude and chilly wind mean coldness, which shouldn’t be underestimated. Research on felt air temperature makes it possible to manufacture outdoor apparel that supports the wearer to cool body temperature down when it’s hot and function warmth isolating when it’s cold = temperature regulation.

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