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Internship Product Development and Design

Internship in the Alps

Polychromelab advertises for sports-minded interns with experience in product development and design. Escape from the daily routine at universities and get some practice-oriented experience in the Alps.

In the heart of the Alps polychromelab runs a textile manufacture where designer and outdoor apparel is engineered. Situated in one of Europe’s largest ski ressorts on 1.300 meters we use mordern processing techniques. This internship will add practice experience to your theoretical education. Additionally you live where winter sport happens including board and lodging.

Appply for internship in the Alps now: Internship polychromelab Product Development and Design.

Time to Start Hiking

Hiking in Malbun

It’s getting foggy, soon it will start to rain. You can feel a refreshing breeze of nature in the air. Deciding to go hiking was the right choice.

Malbun, Liechtenstein. It’s two hours of hiking from Malbun to the Austrian border. Far-off from cities in between of rocks, small valleys and cow pastures in a magnificent cirque. In the morning sometimes it is hard to get up and put on hiking shoes. But you will get the reward only a few hours later.

Our hiking tour led us through cow pastures, high up in the Alps of Liechtenstein. The cows are observing every one who finds the way up here. It is clear who is the host and who is the guest.

All day you will meet just a few people. The starting rain drives the last ones away, which stayed here this long. But the waiting was worth it. The minutes right before it starts raining are the best. The lighting conditions are changing. It’s incredible how clear colours and contrasts become.

The fist raindrops. We put on our hiking jackets. You will regret waiting this long for the stunning view only a few minutes. But it won’t last long. Nature shows facettes in the rain which you won’t see this often. It’s truly beautiful.

outdoor wanderung liechtenstein manta

Photo Credit: Johannes Vith

On this hiking tour from Malbun to the Austrian border we have wear Manta designer jacket. This outdoor aproved hiking jacket is available in our onlineshop.

Enjoy Skiing while testing new Winter Jackets

One should really buy Winter Jackets for these Moments

After all this years of skiing in the Alps I am still impressed by the mountains: when I was a student I always got up at 4 in the morning to drive with some friends from Germany to Tyrol to be the first one on the slopes. Then as a snowboarder. By now I am testing as sports designer in the Tyrolean Alps for 15 years.

Skiing still means a lot to me. But this time, when I was under way with Elisabeth, atmosphere was breathtaking. Weather was really good, nobody was around, only fresh powder and a lot of fun. Testing new gray green winter jackets by polychromelab at deep snow skiing was big fun. To enjoy these moments one should choose well and buy winter jackets of high quality. Otherwise one couldn’t enjoy freeride skiing without freezing.

In our Onlineshop you can buy winter jackets that are proven scientifically and applied inTyrol. Have a look on it in our polychromelab concept store!

Greetings from Tyrol,

Michele Stinco

Arising of a Storm – Textiles Research Tyrol

Textiles research Tyrol: a strom over the alpine lab

From 4th to 5th November a seriously heavy storm browsed over Tyrol. At many places the storm destroyed roofes and did a lot of further damage. At the peak of Mount Glungezer nearby Innsbruck the storm was that heavy that a grown man barely could have stayed on his feet. In our high altitude laboratory for textiles research Tyrol we measured wind velocity of 264km/h.

Thanks to our webcams, which are observating the weather situations day and night, we now have a video of the weather constellation at the days before the storm and zero hour. It wasn’t the first time that a heavy storm swept across Tyrol. Here’s the video from our textiles research laboratory Tyrol at the Glungezer:

Heavy Storm 04/05 11 2014 polychromelab 2610 264km/h from polychromelab on Vimeo.

That’s how extreme weather can be in Tyrol. The snow quickly was blown away and even so for our test dummies.

The heavy damage the storm did to our lab for textiles research Tyrol also offers an advantage for us: the measurement data afford us deep insight in the behaviour of textiles and jackets under heavy conditions, so we can improove our work for the future. This exact concept led the German company Heimplanet to us: they’ve tested their tents in our alpine lab polychromelab 2610.

Do you want to witness a storm like this one yourself or just want to go for a nice hike, then visit our textiles research lab at Mount Glungezer. More information about the alpine laboratory for textiles research and our host Glungezer Hütte you’ll find here.

New mountain jacket with new colours

Testing new colour combination of the mountain jacket

A mountain jacket not only has to offer functionality, but also has to look good. As a valuable textiles-manufacturer of course both aspects lie us to heart.

First of all, we develope jackets, that can stand even the most extreme conditions in the mountains. To test this out we expose the proto-types a few months to the unpredictable alpine weather at the Glungezer-Lab. Because a mountain jacket has to be windproof, waterproof and sturdy. Through natural erosion of wind and rain we can survey how well the material does under real conditions.

But also fashion aspects do matter to us. Because of that we develope new colour combinations, which work properly and additionaly look pretty good. First there was black-silver, then blue-bronze and now a grey-green mountain jacket. All jackets are conceptualized as reversible jackets and, if you believe it or not, the dark-coloured side warms and the bright-coloured side cools. This way the hybrid jacket not only protects from wind and weather, but also supports the wearer to regulate and stabilise body temperature.

Soon the day has come: one of the final tests is the applied test of the proto-type. Here are some pictures of a mountain run through the Alps wearing the new grey-green mountain jacket from polychromelab.

If you want to buy a jacket, then visit our Onlineshop polychromelab concept store.

Workingday with Heli

To upgrade the Glungezer Hütte and our Textile-Laboratory we had to transport the required material with a heli this year. Watch the short video, how we work under sunshine in the tyrolean alps.

polychromelab 2610 heli working day von michele stinco auf Vimeo.

Gottfried Wieser Radio Tirol

The innkeeper of the Glungezer Hütte in the tyrolean Alps Gottfried Wieser talks on Radio Tirol about the enourmous storms of last weekend. Read about it here.

And here’s the interview:

The wind went up to 280km/h. The Glungezer Hütte is an unique spot.

Maybe the last alpine run without snow

it´s getting colder
impressions are very nice
lets turn it this way – for sure summerseason is over.
autum is on the way.



polychromelab concept store



Working day Alps at -21°

Working day Alps: textile research in extreme coldness

We work hard for the money – 1500 verts, 25kg myself ,15 kg lisa’s load – fixing dummies with foam – weather forecast was bad – down with a real good fresh minus 21 powder. Our dog Carlotta was dressed best!!! This is how a working day Alps look like.


to be honest most of the time not 🙂 michele