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Michele Stinco Speaking at Step One

Step One Talk with Michele Stinco Speaking about Startups

Step One Talk is an event for „Interesting people. Thrilling stories. New contacts!“ Of course polychromelab is very happy about Michele Stinco, CEO and founder, sharing his expertise with a crowded lecture hall.

michael altrichter startup investor österreich

Together with Austrian business angel Michael Altrichter the two startup experts talked about their experiences with business formation. Further development and financial success afterwards also were key topics. In this crowded lecture hall of Johannes-Keppler University Linz one could ask questions and find answers.

Step One is a platform for making business formations with less troubles due to practice oriented tips. More information on this initiative and everything abot the expert talk with Michael Altrichter and Michele Stinco you’ll find here.

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Lifestyle Startup on Forbes Austria

Magazine Forbes Austria about Lifestyle Startup polychromelab

The economics magazine Forbes Austria writes about lifestyle startup polychromelab. In April’s edition of this well-known magazine the situation of austrian startups is a key subject. Austrian apparel retailer polychromelab with its innovative 3-layer-laminate reversible jacket is under top 20 of Austria’s startups.

Forbes Austria gives an overview about the situation of young startups on Austria’s market. The key problem for startups in Austria is the fact that 90% of newly founded companies go out of business in the first two years. The problematic shortcomings are: Budget, Stradegy and Marketing. Despite great innovations which could revolutionize the market, startups have to sell their ideas or crash. The result is an enormous potential lying waste.

More information on these difficulties you’ll find in April’s edition of Forbes Austria. Get the whole polychromelab story in our blog and onlineshop. Obviously we’re happy about surviving the first two years as a lifestyle startup, but we share AWS impulse’s oppinion of stronger financial support for Austrian startups.

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Designer Michele Stinco becomes AWS Jury Member

Rookie Michele Stinco meets Intellectuals

Designer Michele Stinco made his Master in Textile Economics at the Academy of German Clothing Retail in Nagold, Germany. Since 2000 he gathers experience as designer for apparel manufacturers like Adidas, Diesel Jeans Italy, Mammut and Falke. The professional designer founded polychromelab as his first own apparel / fashion label.

At textile and design industry Michele is a complete professional, his speciality is outdoor sports. Collecting new experience as jury member for the financial support for startups of the AWS means a huge pleasure to Michele Stinco. Every year AWS supports small businesses in Austria that show innovative potential and economic progress. The winning projects will be find out in some jury sessions.

Michele Stinco not only was nominated for jury member because of his professional experience as a designer, but also because polychromelab ltd. itself was part of the AWS impulse XS programme for the last years. More about it here.

How the meeting of rookie Michele and the intellectuals from AWS will proceed, soon is to be told. Stay tuned:

Alta Quota Fieberbrunn

Here’s a picture of my freeride day at Fieberbrunn, Austria. The weather was good – the jacket cools perfectly well on silver. Just like a dream!


Cheers, Helmut


Alta Quota Helmut

the first application of the jacket was at Obertauern, Austria. The jacket fits like it’s tailored. It’s a good feeling to wear such a jacket made out of an high-end quality fabric. Even if one compares the jacket to products of some other considerable sportswear manufactures, the Alta Quota stands the test.
Cheers from my wonderful skiing days,


polychromelab concept store

2 Minutes 2 Millions polychromelab

Tonight at 20:15 on PULS 4: 2 Min 2 Mio with polychromelab and Michele Stinco.

(photo credit Jörg Klickermann)


polychromelab concept store


interesting clip with a few cool brands and projects. michele


a interesting movie regarding as well the polychrome project and design in austria.


nice pressclipping of a few but good brands in the tyrol area in Eco Noca. michele


Designforum with polychromelab in Styria. Read the german statement about innovation and design in Austria.

Im Zweijahresrhythmus würdigt das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft, Familie und Jugend mit dem Staatspreis Design die besten Gestaltungsleistungen aus den Bereichen Produktdesign (Konsumgüter und Investitionsgüter) sowie räumliche Gestaltung. Die Ausstellung ab 19. Jänner 2012 im designforum Steiermark präsentiert die Preistragenden und weitere ausgewählte Beiträge des Jahres 2011 nun auch in Graz.

Erstmals wurde im Rahmen des Staatspreises Design der Sonderpreis »DesignConcepts« vergeben. Der von impulse | austria wirtschaftsservice innerhalb des Programms »evolve« gestiftete Preis richtet sich an den Designnachwuchs. Er zeichnet innovative Konzepte mit hohem Marktpotential aus, die bislang noch nicht umgesetzt worden sind. Die besten Projekte junger Designprofis sind ebenfalls Teil der Schau. Der Staatspreis Design trägt dazu bei, die Zusammenarbeit zwischen Kreativen und Wirtschaft weiter voranzutreiben und die Innovationsbereitschaft österreichischer Unternehmen anzuregen.

Der Wettbewerb zum Staatspreis Design wird von designaustria durchgeführt.

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