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The ISPO Brandnew 2015 Magazine

This is how a Workingday of the Jury of ISPO Brandnew 2015 looks like

„They have all been in exactly the same situation: a panel observed their product, their brand and decided that they can present themselves at ISPO Munich as one of the best startups of the sports business. Now they had the same task. Almost all the ISPO Brandnew jury members were founding members of former ISPO Brandnew winners and finalists. From their own experiences they know exactly what is of importance. Here they tell us about their highlights and impressions.“ISPO Brandnew 2015 Magazine

Designer Michele Stinco (winner 2012) was a jury member of ISPO Brandnew 2015 too: „I believe that true innovation solely starts in small pieces. Craftsmanship and imagination are the base for groundbreaking inventions and good design of the present and past.“

Here you’ll learn about how a day as a jury member of ISPO Brandnew 2015 award is like. Besides, Brandnew Magazine has written a story of success about polychromelab from 2012 til today. So have a look on it and get to know the work of jury members of ISPO Brandnew:

ISPO Brandnew 2015 Jury and Story of polychromelab

Here is ISPO ontour’s video of the impressions at the ISPO Brandnew award jury meeting: this is what the other members say about this prestigious award for startups.


If you want the read more of Brandnew Magazine, here you can read about polychromelab / Schoeffel-project and learn about what gear alpine racing skiers Marcel Hirscher and Anna Fenninger are wearing: polychromelab goes racing

Spoteo about polychromelab reversible jacket

Read the german article on Spoteo about the polychromelab reversible jacket:

Polychrome reversible wonder brings climatechange

Polychrome® should be one of the most exciting laminate developments of recent years. The ultra light Stretchlaminat is designed for sporting use as 3-layers – reversible jacket with two temperature zones. A sustainable membrane, an excellent moisture vapor transmission rate (RET < 3.2), a 2.5 higher thermal resistance, absolute water resistance (hydrostatic 60’000 mm) and skin-friendly soft upper materials further distinguished the new laminate.

A real innovation will find even the experts and awarded the Austrian State Prize in industrial design 2011, an OutDoor industry award 2011, the IF design award 2012 as well as the ISPO BrandNew Award 2012 so deservedly material polychrome®.


link to the website: