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Testing Outdoor Apparel Behind our House

Alpine Proof Behind our House – Testing Outdoor Apparel

Polychromelab found their new site in Serfaus.Fiss.Ladis, because in next to no time we get from the shop up to the exposed high altitude alpine lab for testing outdoor apparel. At the official opening of Alpine Proof outdoor lab Location Agency Tyrol was a guest. Here’s the German press release.

Behind our house we start. It takes a few minutes to get to Fiss’ mountain railways to Schönjoch and soon after we reach our high altitude alpine lab on 2436 meters. At this time of the year temperatures are freezing. Up here snow and wind wear off outdoor apparel. At the moment we’re testing bivouac bags made of two different types of fabric. The manufacturer wants to know, which model is more breathable.

outdoorbekleidung testen alpine proof

Up here we learn about this easily. We attach sensors inside the bivouac bags to measure the inner temperature. At the tower for blusting avalanches right next to Alpine Proof outdoor lab we have a meteo station. Gerhard Rietzler made a very great job installing this: to get significant values testing outdoor apparel we compare data from inside the bivouac bags with those of the meteo station. This way we can read which fabric is more breathable.

gerhard rietzler outdoorbekleidung polychromelab serfaus fiss ladis

This is how we run first outdoor apparel test right behind our house. It’s simply wonderful up here.

We sell outdoor apparel tested in the Alpine Proof outdoor lab in our polychromelab concept store here.

Continue with part 2: Testing winterjackets at freeride skiing.


today we visit polychromelab obervatory for a photoshoot and work. conditions are getting really heavy – uv radiation is strong – snow is melting and we have the first results on fabrics.

this will be one of the last skiruns for this season.

best michele

Der Sturm vom 6. März

Am 6. März habe ich vom Föhnsturm mit 250 km/h berichtet. Heute habe ich die Daten der Meteostation bei einem Arbeitstag im polychromelab 2610 entnommen. Schau sie dir genauer an. Der Sturm erreichte sogar 283 km/h.

Das sind Bedingungen wie am Everest oder in Patagonien. Die Temperaturen beim Sturm waren sehr warm mit 0°C. So ist es in der Natur.

STORM DATA 6th march 2013

on 6th of march 2013 i posted the “föhnstorm” with a windpeak of 250km/h today i checked the data of the meteostation during a working day at the polychromelab2610 observatory and see yourself 283km/h.
this is everest or patagonia style – see the temperature during the storm – quite warm with 0 celcius. this is nature. michele

Meteostation funktioniert

Schau dir das Video an, wie wir von der Arbeit zurück kommen.


polychromlab2610 meteo station

let´s wait for the next storm – the first was 138km/h


working pics

not really a office job.


meteostation is working propper now

have a look at the video comeing back from work – late ….


polychromlab2610 meteo station

let´s wait for the next storm – the first was 138km/h


working pics

not really a office job.


Aufbautag der Meteostation im polychromelab 2610

Schritt für Schritt bauen wir unser Forschungslabor auf, heute mit der Hilfe von meinem guten und professionellen Kletterfreund und Meterologe – Georg Erlacher, haben wir die Meteostation aufgestellt.


step by step we setup LAB, today with the help of a good climbing friend and professional weatherman – georg erlacher thx to georg – reward was a 1400 pow line with aber 30-50 cm pow. michele

Glungezer polychromelab 2610

today we went up to the glungezer polychromelab 2610 to discuss how and when we can setup the meteostation. after work the north face surprised with good powder. michele