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Cycling jacket exhibited on Eurobike Friedrichshafen

Pedaled cycling jacket wins Eurobike Award 2014

It was more than one year ago when Pedaled and polychromelab decided to design a cycling jacket, which stands out as a real functional jacket. There was hard work to do to create an awarded jacket, because demands on functional jackets in the bicycling branch are high.

Using the unique reversible fabric by polychromelab one can conceptualize a reversible jacket which can cool body temperature down on one side and – reversed to the other side – is able to warm. The fabric is highly breathable and additionally a 100% windproof and waterproof – so the reversible fabric is the best requirement for a high-tech cycling jacket.

The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki started to design a functional designer cycling jacket with the reversible fabric. For his effort he wins the Eurobike Award 2014 in collaboration with Pedaled and polychromelab.

Here are some pictures of the reversible cycling jacket on the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen at the Pedaled booth and the statement of the jury about the Eurobike Award.

If you are interested in the lab jacket, visit the homepage from Pedaled.

Eurobike Award for Pedaled cycling jackets

Eurobike Award 2014 for reversible cycling jackets

After long and hard work and a lot of development we are proud to recieve the Eurobike Award 2014. Since one year polychromelab collaborates with the japanese cycling label Pedaled. As the fabrics delieverer we are happy that the design by Hideto Suzuki translates the functionality of the textile in such a good way.

Exhibition Friedrichshafen Eurobike 2014

The probably most important european cycling exhibition took place in Friedrichshafen in late August. On the exhibition one can gaze on the latest trends in the cycling section – most importantly Pedaled prestented the new reversible jacket in collaboration with polychromelab.

Naturally a prize giving ceremony is an exciting event, so we can look into the happy faces of Hideto Suzuki and Michele Stinco. Hideto wears the awarded sports jacket and Michele wears the Roccia Rossa design jacket. Memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the pictures.

If you want to get more information about the Pedaled lab jacket, click here to see brandnew cycling jackets. Furthermore read about Hideto Suzuki here.

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NZZ cycling trends PEdALED

NZZ Neue Zürcher Zeitung visits the Outdoor Exhibition 2014 in Friedrichshafen and reports about the latest trends in the section cycling and bikes. This year’s focus is on the sythesis of functionality and design. The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki creates a wonderful compositum with his PEdALED Lab jacket for cycling. The 3layer fabric by polychromelab offers best functionality and is easy to work with.

Read the full article to the latest cycling trends on:


Cycle EXIF visits PEdALED

The online Bike Blog Cycle EXIF visits the PEdALED Store in London. Next to nice designs for everything concerning cycling there is the new polychromelab reversible fabric PEdALED cycling jacket. You can read the story of the visit on Cycle EXIF:

PEdALED Fahrradjacke

Perfekt für den Sommer! Eine Radtour durch die Alpen oder einfach durch einige idyllische Dörfchen? Egal ob Extremsport oder Hobby, Performance oder Lifestyle. Mit der PEdALED Fahrradjacke, die aus dem einzigartigen polychromelab Wendelaminat gefertigt ist, ist man immer richtig gekleidet.

PEdALED verbindet Design und Funktion

PEdALED steht für Design, das nicht nur die Funktion beim Sport unterstützt, sondern auch den Träger in einer Stadt wie London gut aussehen lässt. Seit kurzem gibt es die wunderschöne PEdALED Fahrradjacke im Webshop zu kaufen. Aber Achtung, die Fahrradjacke ist auf 10 Stück limitiert. Also wer diese einzigartige Jacke kauft, dem gehört wirklich eine Besonderheit. Bestellungen im Juli werden sogar versandkostenfrei verschickt.


Cooperation between Pedaled and polychromelab

start is done – here we go – be prepared for 2014 luca, Hideto Suzuki, elisabeth frey and myself with many other good tailors and suppliers will challange the apparel world.



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