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Night Skiing vs. Product Test

Product Test at Night Skiing in Tyrol

Equiped with headtorches and a go pro we started at 2610 meters from our textiles research lab next to the Glungezer Hütte in Tyrol. In winter there are always some repairs to do. Additionally measured data by sensors, which we fixed to jackets for product testing, gives us insight concerning their functionality and resilience against exposure to nature.

Unfortunately work took longer as expected this time, so we had to go for night skiing on our way home. Beeing experienced with such incidents we had headtorches with us. Knowing the downhill route quite well after years of fieldtesting and product development at Mount Glungezer night skiing off the slopes wasn’t that dangerous.

At the Ready for Serial Production

Out and about in nature and Tyrol’s mountain range equipment easily is stretched to its limit. The wearout of gear is high, beeing outdoor about 300 days a year. When one is freezing, sweating, or feeling unpleasantly wind, or having to bear nature in any other way, one gets a lot of ideas of what else to wear to feel more comfortable concerning clothes.

At the ready, as you can see on the pictures, are new whole-body-clothing concepts, which we want to realise using polychromelab’s 3 layer laminate. By now there are only ideas and first prototypes to be tested at night skiing, but soon there will be more to tell.


Alois-Günther Haus is testing polychrome jackets

The Alois-Günther Haus in Styria and the sympathetic host Roland Hummer are persuaded by the polychrome hybrid jackets. They decided to exhibit the reversible jackets and give visitors of the shieling the chance to test the products themselves. It’s good to hear independent oppinions on our jackets. Roland Hummer takes stunning pictures and explains the principal of the jacket to a bunch of people.

News from 2610 meters

We’re very proud about our latest acquirement on 2610 meters: since a few days there’s a bike next to the torsi for  product testing. Now we have the possibility to do research on both human and textile. We will explore how materials that were exposed to alpine conditions for months will interact with workload. Hopefully we’ll get answers to the questions whether the polychromelab materials is working under the most extreme conditions and what we can improve.

Of course everybody who likes to try it out himself is welcome to do some kilometers on the bike in our alpine laboratory next to the Glungezer Hütte.

Fast Donna Running Jacket Test

Running Jacket Test under Alpine Conditions

It’s hard to believe, but it’s only July and the begin of summer in Tyrol. So we’d like to share our little piece of evidence of this Alaska-like weather with you. Here’s a video of a running jacket test while snow is falling and ground is freezing.

Fast Donna running in May from polychromelab on Vimeo.

Obviously we can’t wait for sunshine either, but it were great conditions for testing our new Fast Donna Running Jacket for women under real alpine conditions. Conclusion: Breathability worked pretty good, warming at its best. See full details on this sports jacket here.

Project Solo trailrunning jacket

Adventure with trailrunning jacket

Michele Stinco, the extreme athlete and head of polychromelab, does sports every day, to either test the functionality of our own jackets or to train himself and enjoy the beautiful nature of Tyrol.

This way he exactly knows what outdoor gear has to offer under real conditions. It’s the perfect method for him to gain a lot of ideas for the innovation of our 3-layer-laminate jackets.

He calls these Outdoor sessions Project Solo. Only on your own, one can entirely feel what makes a high quality product better than anything else. It’s like the same what is expected from a companion: reliability, quality, warranty and functionality.

To be tested now: the polychromelab Roccia Rossa trailrunning jacket. Method: trailrunning extreme plus, without mercy for the fabric. Good equipment has to stand this!

polychromelab 2610 observatory

polychromelab 2610 observatory weather fastness product check 15032013 yesterday @ 2600 – still early spring. amazing mood and fresh winds up there. michele



sometimes we need to work out things at night.



new protos are on – so the best condition to test concepts.




today it was a intersting day testing light fabrics in heavy alpine conditions. michele see more on facebook polychromelab


winter is on the way – today we use the time to work with seamless apparel.