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Night Skiing vs. Product Test

Product Test at Night Skiing in Tyrol

Equiped with headtorches and a go pro we started at 2610 meters from our textiles research lab next to the Glungezer Hütte in Tyrol. In winter there are always some repairs to do. Additionally measured data by sensors, which we fixed to jackets for product testing, gives us insight concerning their functionality and resilience against exposure to nature.

Unfortunately work took longer as expected this time, so we had to go for night skiing on our way home. Beeing experienced with such incidents we had headtorches with us. Knowing the downhill route quite well after years of fieldtesting and product development at Mount Glungezer night skiing off the slopes wasn’t that dangerous.

At the Ready for Serial Production

Out and about in nature and Tyrol’s mountain range equipment easily is stretched to its limit. The wearout of gear is high, beeing outdoor about 300 days a year. When one is freezing, sweating, or feeling unpleasantly wind, or having to bear nature in any other way, one gets a lot of ideas of what else to wear to feel more comfortable concerning clothes.

At the ready, as you can see on the pictures, are new whole-body-clothing concepts, which we want to realise using polychromelab’s 3 layer laminate. By now there are only ideas and first prototypes to be tested at night skiing, but soon there will be more to tell.


Hybrid Jacke auf dem Großglockner 3770

Peter Egger, der für die Klimastudie der polychromelab 3-Lagen Hybrid Jacke im Forschungszentrum Ski und Alpin Innsbruck zuständig ist, ist ein guter Freeski Fahrer und Bergsteiger. Auf einem Ausflug auf den Großglockner auf 3770 Metern nahm er einen frühen Prototyp mit. Er sieht gesund und munter aus, deshalb glaube ich, dass er mit der Hybrid Jacke von polychromelab glücklich ist.

Polychromelab 2nd gen is on

today i went to test the new polychrome prototypes 2nd gen. believe it or not – snow ist steady “bad” like the whole season apart from a few weeks and a few lines. bad weather is coming. greets michele