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Mountain sports magazine hosts Roccia Rossa reversible jacket raffle

The mountain sports magazine hosts a raffle staring the Roccia Rossa Designer reversible jacket by polychromelab. First prize is a BMW mountain bike worth 2999,00€ and second prize is a polychromelab Roccia Rossa reversible jacket worth 700,00€. Closing date is 16th of january 2015. So don’t you wait too long!

How the raffle works, is explained cleary on the homepage of the prestigious alpine sports magazine We wish you good luck! Participate to the reversible jacket raffle here!

If you’re interested in our polychromelab reversible jacket, that is suitable for all alpine sports activities, then visit our reversible jackets online shop here.

Alta Quota reversible jacket – Johanna

Customer about reversible jacket – greetings from Tyrol

We are always very glad about a feedback about our jackets from customers, especially when such a great picture is added on like this time. Johanna Frühwirth from Zams, Tyrol, appears to be happy with her reversible jacket by polychromelab. Here are the lines which she has written to us:

Dear polychromelab-Team,

…in the mountains one maybe can do without shoes, but no one can do without a reversible jacket from polychromelab!

I’m contented with the jacket and won’t go outside without it anymore.

Greetings from Tyrol,

Johanna Frühwirth

We want to thank Johanna for her nice compliment and the wonderfull photo. If you are interested in an Alta Quota reversible jacket coloured black silver, then visit our polychromelab concept store. Finally the picture of the mountain tour in Tyrol.



Cycling jacket exhibited on Eurobike Friedrichshafen

Pedaled cycling jacket wins Eurobike Award 2014

It was more than one year ago when Pedaled and polychromelab decided to design a cycling jacket, which stands out as a real functional jacket. There was hard work to do to create an awarded jacket, because demands on functional jackets in the bicycling branch are high.

Using the unique reversible fabric by polychromelab one can conceptualize a reversible jacket which can cool body temperature down on one side and – reversed to the other side – is able to warm. The fabric is highly breathable and additionally a 100% windproof and waterproof – so the reversible fabric is the best requirement for a high-tech cycling jacket.

The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki started to design a functional designer cycling jacket with the reversible fabric. For his effort he wins the Eurobike Award 2014 in collaboration with Pedaled and polychromelab.

Here are some pictures of the reversible cycling jacket on the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen at the Pedaled booth and the statement of the jury about the Eurobike Award.

If you are interested in the lab jacket, visit the homepage from Pedaled.

Outdoor summer 2014 with polychromelab – part 2

A reversible jacket to rule them all

Did you miss the first part of our outdoor summer review 2014? No problem, you can read the full article here: Outdoor Summer Part 1. Today we continue with the story of polychromelab in a nature, in which a reversible jacket is needed, to be prepared for everything.

Good to hear that the OEAV recommends polychromelab jackets. On the picture you can see Gerald Aichner on a cycling tour through Greece.

oeav gerald aichner fahrrad jacke outdoor

For our alpine research lab polychromelab 2610 at the Glungezer in Tyrol we have bought a mountainbike to test performance in high altitude.

bike cycling reversible jacket tyrol

You won’t believe it, but this picture is taken in June. Michele Stinco is trailrunning on snow. Luckily a polychromelab reversible jacket has a cooling and a warming side. Simply reverse!

trailrunning tyrol summer with reversible jacket

Conclusively we want to thank everybody who had helped to win the Eurobike Award 2014 for our reversible cycling jacket in collaboration with Pedaled.

wendejacke fahrradjacke pedaled polychromelab eurobike award

An exciting summer comes to an end. If you want your friends to know about the story of polychromelab, share the pictures on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Thanks 🙂

Alta Quota goes Hawaii

We’re very suprised when two customers sent us pictures showing two happy faces and the Alta Quota outdoor jacket in Hawaii. Both are wearing the jacket at Manua Kea on 4205 meters. The jacket worked as good as promised and we were happy about making a holiday even better with the Alta Quota.



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Just a day outside with polychromelab. Experience your day with good equipement!


If you’d like to tell your own story with your polychromelab jacket, drop it at


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Thanks to hikeventures for the great report about the Alta Quota reversible jacket. We’re glad to hear that our jacket responds well to rain and coldness and is perfect for an ultimate hikeventure.

Read more about the adventure with polychromelab and hikeventures at


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RONDO Porsche Design reversible jacket

RONDO, an insert in the Standard, writes about the new Porsche Design polychrome reversible jacket. Porsche Design and polychromeLAB mix stuning design with high-end functionality.


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GIZMAG Porsche Design reversible jacket

The new Porsche Design reversible jacket is out now! Design: Porsche, Fabric: polychromelab.

Read the german article about the reversible jacket, that cools when it’s hot and warms when it’s cold.



Jäckchen dreh dich: Die neue Wendejacke von Porsche Design Sport soll auf der silberfarbenen Seite 28 Prozent der Sonnen- und UV-Strahlung absorbieren und so einen kühlenden Effekt haben. Wenn man sie wendet, soll sie wiederum den Körper wärmen, da die schwarze Oberfläche 98 Prozent der Sonnen- und UV-Strahlung absorbiert, verspricht der Hersteller. Das Material soll zudem extrem abriebfest, atmungsaktiv, dehnbar und ein gutes Feuchtigkeitsmanagement bieten. Die wind- und wasserdichte Jacke erscheint in einer weltweit limitierten Auflage von 500 Stück. Das wichtigste aber für uns ist, sie sieht gut aus. Der Preis: 600 Euro. Mehr Informationen unter: und

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