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Stefan Clauss Interview

Stefan Clauss, Heimplanet, is very satisfied by the opportunities of testing at the polychromelab_2610. Read the german article about him:


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We’re lucky that we didn’t run into the avalanche. Testing products in nature sometimes means danger, but it’s a majestic spectacle too.


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Inferno polychromelab 2610

Bad weather at polychromelab_2610, good weather for extreme tests on outdoor textiles.

INFERNO 13022014 from michele stinco

polychromelab_2610, the highest scientific research lab for textiles, offers stong winds, often changing weather conditions and a lot of snow, which is fortunately perfect for testing outdoor textiles.


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Heimplanet and polychromelab 2610

Tents by Heimplanet tested at the alpine lab

The cooperation between polychromelab und Heimplanet has succeeded.
Because of the extreme weather conditions at the polychromelab 2610 at the Glungezer in Tyrol the tents by Heimplanet had to stand up to very much.

Polychromelab is testing Outdoor tents by Heimplanet from Michele Stinco

It is a fact that every other tent would been broken because of the severe wind.

Tents by Heimplanet don’t use tent poles, which couldn’t stand up to wind paces at 270km/h. Using special compartments filled with air the tent by heimplanet has survived one of the heaviest storms imaginable.

Scientifically proven at polychromelab 2610.

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Polychromelab 2610 Today

this is today view of the working dummies

enjoy the pics



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Late summer workings on polychromelab 2610

now we are preparing polychromelab2610 for winter and learning about the things we did bad last winter. meteo station in protected now. dummies are fixed with sensors.  tent is fixed and sensors are working. next steps are to bring all details and information live.


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This is bad weather testing

more worse it could not be walking up to pcl 2610 but on the other hand
good testing conditions for fabrics , shoes and apparel.

enjoy the movie

from |c|michele stinco