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Shepherd Matthias Aichner Alta Quota Summer – Part 2

2013 – Matthias Aichner is on the alpine shieling for months now.  Secludedly he spends every day outside in nature. The first part of his story you can read here: shepherd Matthias Aichner part 2.

Outside with a mountain jacket

Matthias uses the possibility to go hiking on the near mountains. As a change from tending cattles he goes mountaineering with the Alta Quota mountain jacket. During the exhausting way up the silver side on the outside of the jacket reflects uv rays of the sun to cool body temperature down. He feels noticeably cooler and is still protected from wind and weather.

On top of the mountain Matthias simply reverses the outdoor jacket to the black side. On his way down the body regenerates and temperature decreases. The black side of the jacket absorps uv rays of the sun and this way the reversible jacket warms noticeably the user.

Relaxing on an alpine shieling

Protected from wind and weather this good Matthias arrives safely on the alpine shieling. Outside in the nature of the tyrolean alps he acknowledges a qualitative product. After this hard day he enjoys the last sunshine of the day lying on the pasture.

The story of the Alta Quota shepherd summer 2014 by Thomas Quarta is available here. If you want to buy an Alta Quota mountain jacket to enjoy nature the same way as Matthias, then visit our polychromelab concept store.

Workingday with Heli

To upgrade the Glungezer Hütte and our Textile-Laboratory we had to transport the required material with a heli this year. Watch the short video, how we work under sunshine in the tyrolean alps.

polychromelab 2610 heli working day von michele stinco auf Vimeo.

Shepherd Matthias Aichner Alta Quota Summer – Part 1

2013 – Matthias Aichner, a shepherd from Austria, spends a summer on an alpine shieling. Up here one is always outside in nature. Alpine weather situations niggle all year long. The shepherd is only protect by a cheap wooden hut and his cloths. He has to go outside every day, even if it’s raining, snowing or winding heavily, but also when weather is pretty good.

Cattle drive up to the alpine pastures

Matthias Aichner prepares himself with good equipment before he is alone on an alpine shieling for months. He chooses polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket, that adapts itself perfectly to every condition. He is up to proof our statement about our jacket. Wearing every day the same jacket outside in nature could mean an absolute extreme test for any material.

Matthias Aichner starts summer with the cattle drive up to the alpine pastures. He needs a lot of experience and calmness to bring every cattle safe to top. Arriving at the shieling he is exhausted by the concetration and pull of the cattle drive up. As a reward the alps give him a sunset like it’s told in books.


The shepherd is on the shieling for some weeks yet. He has found his inner balance, even the bad weather of the first weeks couldn’t spoil his attitude. The Alta Quota reversible jacket keeps what was promised and is fully waterproof. This means a huge advantage for him, because this way he stays versatile to the weather conditions when he is outside with the cattles.

To speak again with people he has some guests over for a few days. They’re bringing him a present: good weather. We’re looking forward to what Matthias has to tell…

Shepherd Summer with polychromelab

enjoy the movie and feel the spirit of being a shepherd.


mat 2013 from michele stinco on Vimeo.

The Shepherd Summer with Matthias Aichner

this is matthias aichner he works as a shepherd this summer and he is a unique ambassador for us at the italian border.
a job humble and exposed to heavy conditions.
aswell this way to be is part of the philosophy of polychromelab.
see our mission statement:

polychromelab comes from the Austrian region of Tyrol, because it is only here that we find the ideal conditions to continue developing and optimising polychromelab still further. And: because we love Tyrol.
more to come


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Maroc Alta Quota

What a country: desert, 4000 meter peaks, Tundra, rocks.

Enjoy the pictures,

Best, Michele


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see this pic! yesterday night. – real heavy thunderstorm after a summerday.



today we did a new test with a fabric development called speed – we started with celcius 15 at 1200 and ended @ plus 2 at a height of 2589.with snow  fresh conditions in july. michele


this is summer in tirol plus five and rain, good conditions to test the new polychromelab speed fabric in a vert run.  michele


crazy shit this weather – next week we will get real spring temperatures. michele