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Windtest Winterjackets in Outdoor Lab

Testing Winterjackets in Extreme Windspeed at Alpine Proof

The market never sleeps. It also never is full. One has to adapt to stay competitive. Every day there’re new innovations. Every innovation creates new target markets itself and hence influences the customer’s demands. For example, windproof winterjackets.

Luckily refining products is something we really like. We forgo some hours of sleep and watch the winterjackets at the windtest in the Alpine Proof outdoor lab, fortunately at home in front of our laptops via webcams. Here the video of the windtest

You can take windspeed from the graphic below to see what conditions the winterjackets have to stand up to. Normally one never has to feel windspeeds of 95 km/h and higher at regular outdoor activities, but it’s nice to know that in case the jacket can stand the wind, while the wear hardly can stay on his feet.

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today we did a new line – we called the line sphinx -big rappel in 3000 meter in windy conditions. good testing conditions smooth run. michele

We will keep this weekend in mind …

pillows – strong winds – a lot of snow – that much snow the during fast riding you have to take care not to loose orientation smashing against the next tree what for sure happend not only one time to me trying to keep up speed this long weekend. conditions are really dangerous and it is absolutely necessary to choose safe terrain and to know the area. michele