Majestic sunset at the seaside

On the road with a travelling jacket in Italy

When I’m travelling through Europe in summer, the Alta Quota travelling jacket is always with me. Super light and good to pack no backpack is short of space for the jacket. I’m always glad to have in the Alta Quota an all time suitable jacket with me, because at the seaside it could be wonderful, but also rough and cold. A travelling jacket shelters.

And indeed it was wonderful on the journey through Italy this year: northern Italy, late summer, at the shore of the Adriatic sea. Breathtaking sunset.

Rarely one could look on such a bright sky and phenomenal light. On this evening the majestic sunset dips the foaming waves sometimes in deep red, sometimes in shining gold. An unique view. Luckily I could brave the rough wind with my windproof jacket. The Alta Quota travelling jacket makes beautiful moments true and, especially, motivates to go outside. Travelling with a good jacket one never gets sick, always looks good and doesn’t heft to much in no case.

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