Michele Stinco and Elisabeth Frey about alpine seal of approval

Polychromelab talks about their idea Alpine Proof

It all started, as normal, at a mountain hike. Again gear couldn’t conform to the weather conditions in the mountains. If there only would be a warranty for Outdoor-products, that they really keep their promises outside in nature! Who hasn’t thought of it?

Michele Stinco and Elisabeth Frey from polychromelab started to test polychromelab fabrics under real weather conditions – and not only in sterile laboratories. The testing results of the prototype-jackets meant a qualified insight for product development to polychromelab. The company takes an advantage of their situation in the heart of the tyrolean Alps.

Alpine Proof as an alpine seal of approval

Step by step the idea of Alpine Proof takes shape in the thinkings of Michele and Elisabeth. In their own alpine textile-laboratory at the Glungezer in Tyrol even products from foreign apparel producers were tested on trial. Now the project Alpine Proof reaches the next stage: In near future an alpine seal of approval should come to life with fincial supports and broad cooperation between a lot of partners to allow international and local apparel producers to test their Outdoor gear in Tyrol to get the alpine seal of approval, named Alpine Proof.

The goal of the project is innovation and progress for textiles sector. More about this topic you’ll find here or on the website of Standortagentur Tirol.

Michele Stinco and Elisabeth Frey talk about the idea of Alpine Proof at the European Innovation Forum Alpbach Tirol.

What is the idea of Alpine Proof? by Michele Stinco from polychromelab on Vimeo.