AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets

The AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab

AWS supports multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab for three years already. Here what AWS has to say about polychromelab outdoorjackets:

Impulse XS supported fabric, realised as a reversible jacket, absorbs warmth, reflects warmth by reversing the jacket. Best protection at sports or work. What else? New usabilities and fabric combinations will be explored. Cool/Hot?

The business concept is based on the product development of a fabric, visaualised and realised as a hybrid outdoorjacket, which received financial support by impulse XS in 2011. The unique selling proposition of the jacket is the polychrome-laminat fabric. The jacket is able to absorb warmth through textile physics and reflect warmth by applied physics and adapts itself easily to every weather condition by turning inside out. These features are the optimal preconditions for manufacturing a fabric with a ceramic membrane as sports apparel and work protection apparel. Through an intelligent composition of fabric, inside and membrane in combination with different textiles emerge many undeveloped possibilities of application and production of different types of jackets. This two temperature zones based system is waterproof, highly breathable, windproof, stylish and sustainable conceptualized. A wide range of use will be explored in near future, more fabrics will be developed. This concept makes the way for a whole new types of jackets.

More information about the Statement of the AWS and the story of polychromelab you’ll find here: AWS-hybrid-Outdoorjackets-Startup.

The multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab are available in polychromelab concept store.