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Startups from Tyrol capture the world

Tiroler Tageszeitunng about Startup polychromelab

A few days ago the Austrian newspaper Tiroler Tageszeitung published an article about chances for startups from Tyrol to become more famous. In this context they mentioned polychromelab as an example – which makes us very proud. Here’s the article about startups from Tyrol:

startups aus tirol polychromelab tiroler tageszeitung

Chances for Startups from Tyrol to Become Famous

This article inspired us to compose a short list of which programmes were most helpful for polychromelab as a startup company from Tyrol:

Let’s start with the startup show 2 Minutes 2 Millions on channel Puls 4. Polychromelab hasn’t gained financial support from this TV show, but we learned one or two things. It was the first time of a broader public appearence on television, so we learned how to present key elements of the company. Anyway, Puls 4 made a great image video for us.

In Austria there is financial support from AWS for small business as well. Startups from Tyrol could apply themselves and with some luck and a solid performance they gain financial support for their label. More about polychromelab’s experiences with AWS here.

On local scale the Tyrolean Innovation Award was the most exciting one. There were various categories, in which startups from Tyrol compete against each other. On the day of the price-giving ceremony of Tyrolean Innovation Award 2014 in Innsbruck the presentation of image videos of the participating startups impressed us most.

In conclusion, there are many opportunities and chances, many challenges, a startup must stick to its guns, but in the end there is the chance that you become the prime example out of startups from Tyrol to be presented at Standortlounge in Vienna. More on this here.

startups aus tirol standortlounge wien polychromelab

Lifestyle Startup on Forbes Austria

Magazine Forbes Austria about Lifestyle Startup polychromelab

The economics magazine Forbes Austria writes about lifestyle startup polychromelab. In April’s edition of this well-known magazine the situation of austrian startups is a key subject. Austrian apparel retailer polychromelab with its innovative 3-layer-laminate reversible jacket is under top 20 of Austria’s startups.

Forbes Austria gives an overview about the situation of young startups on Austria’s market. The key problem for startups in Austria is the fact that 90% of newly founded companies go out of business in the first two years. The problematic shortcomings are: Budget, Stradegy and Marketing. Despite great innovations which could revolutionize the market, startups have to sell their ideas or crash. The result is an enormous potential lying waste.

More information on these difficulties you’ll find in April’s edition of Forbes Austria. Get the whole polychromelab story in our blog and onlineshop. Obviously we’re happy about surviving the first two years as a lifestyle startup, but we share AWS impulse’s oppinion of stronger financial support for Austrian startups.

polychromelab concept store

Difficulties for Austrian Start-ups

Start-ups strenghen Economy through Innovation

What it means to be a start-up, we truely know. The first three years are the most difficult for start-up companies – most start-ups fail in this time. Many things we succeeded only were possible with help of the Austrian supporting bank AWS. This year Michele Stinco in fact was chosen as a jury member of AWS for his long time experience with polychromelab.

This Austrian newspaper article about innovative start-ups and their difficulties in Austria’s economy made us think about our experiences as a start-up company: Fehlende Risikokultur behindert Wachstum in Österreich-DerStandard

Start-up polychromelab – hightech winter jackets

Firstly, there was an idea: a fabric that cools on one side and, reversed to the other side, warms to need less clothing at winter sports. Secondly, a prototype was engineered: a winter jacket that is windproof, waterproof and breathable. Thirdly, there was the innovation: a hightech reversible jacket that is capable of nearly everything.

The problem is to make this highend jacket ready for series production without generating too much costs. AWS supporting programms helped us to found polychromelab inc. and to win many awards with our innovative products. Many innovative start-ups don’t have the chance to do the same.

If you’d like to read more about venture and start-ups, here is an interesting article about polychromelab on a really thrilling website.

polychromelab concept store

Designer Michele Stinco becomes AWS Jury Member

Rookie Michele Stinco meets Intellectuals

Designer Michele Stinco made his Master in Textile Economics at the Academy of German Clothing Retail in Nagold, Germany. Since 2000 he gathers experience as designer for apparel manufacturers like Adidas, Diesel Jeans Italy, Mammut and Falke. The professional designer founded polychromelab as his first own apparel / fashion label.

At textile and design industry Michele is a complete professional, his speciality is outdoor sports. Collecting new experience as jury member for the financial support for startups of the AWS means a huge pleasure to Michele Stinco. Every year AWS supports small businesses in Austria that show innovative potential and economic progress. The winning projects will be find out in some jury sessions.

Michele Stinco not only was nominated for jury member because of his professional experience as a designer, but also because polychromelab ltd. itself was part of the AWS impulse XS programme for the last years. More about it here.

How the meeting of rookie Michele and the intellectuals from AWS will proceed, soon is to be told. Stay tuned:

AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets

The AWS supports hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab

AWS supports multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab for three years already. Here what AWS has to say about polychromelab outdoorjackets:

Impulse XS supported fabric, realised as a reversible jacket, absorbs warmth, reflects warmth by reversing the jacket. Best protection at sports or work. What else? New usabilities and fabric combinations will be explored. Cool/Hot?

The business concept is based on the product development of a fabric, visaualised and realised as a hybrid outdoorjacket, which received financial support by impulse XS in 2011. The unique selling proposition of the jacket is the polychrome-laminat fabric. The jacket is able to absorb warmth through textile physics and reflect warmth by applied physics and adapts itself easily to every weather condition by turning inside out. These features are the optimal preconditions for manufacturing a fabric with a ceramic membrane as sports apparel and work protection apparel. Through an intelligent composition of fabric, inside and membrane in combination with different textiles emerge many undeveloped possibilities of application and production of different types of jackets. This two temperature zones based system is waterproof, highly breathable, windproof, stylish and sustainable conceptualized. A wide range of use will be explored in near future, more fabrics will be developed. This concept makes the way for a whole new types of jackets.

More information about the Statement of the AWS and the story of polychromelab you’ll find here: AWS-hybrid-Outdoorjackets-Startup.

The multifunctional hybrid outdoorjackets by polychromelab are available in polychromelab concept store.

Markus Koschuh about Startup polychromelab

And finally: The Movie about the first Start-up Poetry Slam by the Tyrolean Startup Day of AWS and CAST Tyrol in the Villa Blanka is online!

The well-known Markus Koschuh writes about the startup polychromelab. Enjoy the movie!

Here’s the link to the other four poets of the Tyrolean Start-up Day

Here you can buy the best stuff in the whole world polychromelab concept store.

AWS impulse about polychromelab

The Austria Wirtschafts Service AWS writes an article about polychromelab. In the AWS impulse industry magazine 2014 a short overview about our allready 4 years lasting cooperation between the startup polychromelab and the AWS will be presentated. As we can see now, the sponsorships have done a great job. Read the full article in AWS impulse:

IMPULSE creativ industry magazine 2014

Start-up Poetry Slam with Markus Koschuh and polychromelab

Yesterday the probably first and unique Start-up Poetry Slam took place in the Villa Blanka, Innsbruck, hosted by AWS and CAST Tyrol, during the tyrolean Start-up Day. The Start-up Day informs young businessmen how to place innovative ideas on the market.

For this purpose the Start-up Day invited companies, which momentarily are in the process of founding. This way polychromelab was invited to the Start-up Poetry Slam. Stefan Abermann, Yasmin Hafedh, Markus Koschuh, Hans-Peter Ganner and Klaus Lederwasch showed their performance about the young companies. Markus Koschuh has chosen polychromelab and honoured us with an inspiring text, which impressed with its humor, intellect and magniloquence. The audience was delighted about the visualization of polychromelabs everyday work and Markus Koschuh won the preliminary round! In the final he just underlied Hans-Peter Ganner.

It was a thrilling evening full of humor, innovation and interesting information about austrian start-ups. For all, who missed the Start-up Poetry Slam, we will upload a video of the slam in about a week on our Vimeo Channel.

Photoshooting AWS with Florian Rainer

Stormy shooting in high mountains range

Florian Rainer visits the alpine laboratory polychromelab 2610 at the Glungezer to make a photoshooting for the AWS. Here some impressions of the stormy shooting in high mountains range. This hard work for some good pictures!

Enjoy the video.

Movie-Photoshooting with Florian Rainer


more to come! michele