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Cycling jacket exhibited on Eurobike Friedrichshafen

Pedaled cycling jacket wins Eurobike Award 2014

It was more than one year ago when Pedaled and polychromelab decided to design a cycling jacket, which stands out as a real functional jacket. There was hard work to do to create an awarded jacket, because demands on functional jackets in the bicycling branch are high.

Using the unique reversible fabric by polychromelab one can conceptualize a reversible jacket which can cool body temperature down on one side and – reversed to the other side – is able to warm. The fabric is highly breathable and additionally a 100% windproof and waterproof – so the reversible fabric is the best requirement for a high-tech cycling jacket.

The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki started to design a functional designer cycling jacket with the reversible fabric. For his effort he wins the Eurobike Award 2014 in collaboration with Pedaled and polychromelab.

Here are some pictures of the reversible cycling jacket on the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen at the Pedaled booth and the statement of the jury about the Eurobike Award.

If you are interested in the lab jacket, visit the homepage from Pedaled.

Eurobike Award for Pedaled cycling jackets

Eurobike Award 2014 for reversible cycling jackets

After long and hard work and a lot of development we are proud to recieve the Eurobike Award 2014. Since one year polychromelab collaborates with the japanese cycling label Pedaled. As the fabrics delieverer we are happy that the design by Hideto Suzuki translates the functionality of the textile in such a good way.

Exhibition Friedrichshafen Eurobike 2014

The probably most important european cycling exhibition took place in Friedrichshafen in late August. On the exhibition one can gaze on the latest trends in the cycling section – most importantly Pedaled prestented the new reversible jacket in collaboration with polychromelab.

Naturally a prize giving ceremony is an exciting event, so we can look into the happy faces of Hideto Suzuki and Michele Stinco. Hideto wears the awarded sports jacket and Michele wears the Roccia Rossa design jacket. Memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the pictures.

If you want to get more information about the Pedaled lab jacket, click here to see brandnew cycling jackets. Furthermore read about Hideto Suzuki here.

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addtional to our classic product POLYCHROMELAB ALTA QUOTA HYBRID JACKET

we can say proudly now that we’ve won the ISPO outdoor award 2014 for our new product – new fabric, new colour, new style –


but first some rememberable impressions with our ALTA:


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Polychromelab Wins Tyrolean Innovation Award 2012

Video of Tyrolean Innovation Award 2012

Have fun with the video of the Tyrolean Innovation Award 2012!

This is the jury’s statement:

Category: technical innovation / polychromeab, Michele Stinco, Hall in Tirol

Top material, which warms and cools by textile physics. If you are traveling in the mountains, one is often faced with short-term weatherchanges, but also with large temperature fluctuations that can sometimes be 20 or 25 degrees celsius. Who is dressed incorrectly, sweats or shivering usually very fast and raises the load on the human body. Therefore Michele Stinco has developed a reversible laminate which is, made up as a jacket, windproof, waterproof and breathable – but does temperature stabilization by cooling or warming through textile physics with membrane technology providing natural materials. Thus the jacket shifts the power limits of membranes very positively.

The jacket can – as required – be worn on both sides. By 2011, there was no single-layer jacket that must comply with these requirements and could be manufactured in series.

More information on Tyrolean Innovation Award with polychromelab here.

polychromelab nominated innovationsaward 2012 tyrol

polychromelab | nominated for the innovationsaward 2012 a honoration for innovative products and technology developed in tyrol | austria

Nominee German Design Award 2013 Fast Forward

The German Design Award is the premium price of the council for Design. The award is fully supported by the ministry of economy of the federal republic Germany. There is no possibilty to apply for the award, you will be selected by the council.

Hybrid Jacket Outdoor Industry Award

Polychromelab’s Hybrid Jacket Outdoor Industry Award 2012

Polychromelab’s hybrid jacket wins Outdoor Industry Award 2012. This hybrid jacket outdoor is our first jacket and will be available in spring 2013. We’re really happy about winning this prestigious award for our outdoor hybrid jacket. So let’s see what the jury says about polychromelab’s jackets:

„We were convinced by this jacket because of the hybrid concept: it is a multifunctional apparel combining functionality, comfortness, intelligent fabric creation and high quality fashioning, beeing easy on the eye at the same moment. This is why this fashionable hybrid jacket is fanciable for the growing number of urban traget groups, that consider sports not only as an extreme condition’s activity but rather as a part of their everyday lifestyle.“

So this is why the jury gave our outdoor hybrid jacket the Outdoor Industry Award 2012. If you like to know who are the winners of other categories, here’s is a detailed report on

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polychromeLAB fast forward hybrid jacket – Hybrid-Jacke
Hersteller: polychromeLAB.gmbH, Hall in Tirol/Österreich
Design: michelestinco_pd applied specific design,
Hall in Tirol/Österreich

Die Hybrid-Jacke „fast forward“, gefertigt aus einem 84%ig hochelastischem, neuartigen 3-lagigen Gewebe, ist besonders für schnelle Sportarten geeignet. Sie hat eine Wassersäule von 10.000 mm und einen Abrieb von 40.000 Martindale s/s. Die schwarze Seite außen absorbiert 98 % der UV-Strahlen, die silberfarbene Seite innen reflektiert

28 % der Körperwärme und kontrolliert gleichzeitig die Körpertemperatur – Dank einer speziellen Membrantechnologie. So bleibt auch nach starken Anstrengungen die Jacke trocken. Die silberfarbene Seite außen reflektiert 28 % der UV-Strahlen, wobei die schwarze Innenseite 98 % der Körperwärme absorbiert. Mit einem RET-Wert von 3,2 hat sie einen sehr guten Wasserdampfdurchgang. Die „fast forward“ passt sich jeder Wetterlage an.


„Die Jacke hat uns mit ihrem hybriden Ansatz überzeugt: ein vielfältig einsetzbares Bekleidungsstück, das Funktion, Komfort, intelligente Materialauswahl und hochwertige Verarbeitung mit modischer Schnittführung und Optik vereint. Damit ist dieses Produkt auch für die beständig wachsende Zahl urbaner Zielgruppen attraktiv, die Sport nicht unter extremen Bedingungen ausüben, sondern Sport als Teil ihres alltäglichen Lifestyles begreifen.“