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Outdoor Funktional Jackets Test – Alpine Proof

Alpine Proof initiates a Functional Jackets Test for Outdoor Extreme

One might could think of some things concerning textile research, but what specifically this work looks like isn’t always well known. Therefore we present a functional jackets test like we run it in our alpine range outdoor laboratory.

Step 1: The Perfect Spot

Weather in polychromelab Alpine Proof textile lab is always freezing, stormy and extreme in winter. Seeing that one unwillingly wants to go outside a mountain lodge, where you can enjoy a majestic view on peaks all around this spot drinking a cup of hot tea. But such days are perfect for testing functional jackets, because over night it will ge cold and windy.

funktionsjacken test hochgebirge funktionalität vergleich

Step 2: What will be tested?

Quivering we run a coldness test. Therefore we perpare two functional jackets made of similar fabrics on dummies. This way we want to detect which fabric performs better at extreme cold. This kind of test are important to improove suitability for coldness in product development processes.

vergleich kälte test funktionsjacken polychromelab

Step 3: Waiting

Soon it’s dark night. Temperatures are low. Sensors we placed inside the functional jackets begin to collect temperature and draught data. But the low point of temperature isn’t reached yet.

funktionsjacken test nacht kälte tirol

Step 4: It’s always wise to bring a sleeping bag

It’s night now. Spotlights make it possible to examine both functional jackets at night. By now temperatures are weigh under 0°C. We’re thrilled to find out which one of these functional fabric responds better to this freezing coldness. Only by running these kind of outdoor tests we can learn what jackets are capable of worn outdoors.

nachtaufnahme funktionsjacken test outdoorjacken im winter

Step 5: Early Bird catches the Worm

Dawn. Night is over and the functional jackets are covered with a thin layer of ice. We start immediately working and sort out measurement data on our laptops. By comparing graphs we can tell which fabric is better and on which places the functional jackets are warmer. This conclusions are worth a mint for product development. This is the only way to improove weak spots of jackets.

auswertung funktionsjacken test was ist besser

If you’re interested in hearing stories of our everyday work in the Alps, visit Alpine Proof’s facebook page!

Have a look on functional jacket Alta Verde, successfull graduate of Alpine Proof extreme-cold-test, in our onlienshop.

Alta Verde Men

Alta Verde Women


New Colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

Proven concept – new colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

After advanced research, long time testing and with loads of expertise we finally finished our new functional alpine jacket Alta Verde for men and women!

The concept stays the same as with the Alta Quota outdoor jacket. Waterproof, windproof, highly breathable and stretchy are only a few attributes the alpine Alta Verde combines. This way the functional alpine jacket offers all important outdoor functions to be versatile at all activities in the mountains. The Alta Verde offers maximum wearing comfort outside in nature.

The ultimate novelty, whether you believe it or not, is that the grey-green reversible jackets is cooling and warming. Without chemistry, only by applied textile physics. How’s that possible? It’s a simple concept: the matt grey side of the jacket absorbs warmth of the sunlight by special surface finish and transports it inside jacket. If outside temperatures are getting warmer, simply reverse the functional alpine jacket, so the metalic green side reflects sunlight to keep warmth away from the wearer. This way the Alta Verde makes it possible to regulate and stabilise actively the temperature inside the jacket.

Get an idea of the alpine jacket for men and women yourself and visit our polychromelab concept store.

Cycling jacket exhibited on Eurobike Friedrichshafen

Pedaled cycling jacket wins Eurobike Award 2014

It was more than one year ago when Pedaled and polychromelab decided to design a cycling jacket, which stands out as a real functional jacket. There was hard work to do to create an awarded jacket, because demands on functional jackets in the bicycling branch are high.

Using the unique reversible fabric by polychromelab one can conceptualize a reversible jacket which can cool body temperature down on one side and – reversed to the other side – is able to warm. The fabric is highly breathable and additionally a 100% windproof and waterproof – so the reversible fabric is the best requirement for a high-tech cycling jacket.

The japanese designer Hideto Suzuki started to design a functional designer cycling jacket with the reversible fabric. For his effort he wins the Eurobike Award 2014 in collaboration with Pedaled and polychromelab.

Here are some pictures of the reversible cycling jacket on the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen at the Pedaled booth and the statement of the jury about the Eurobike Award.

If you are interested in the lab jacket, visit the homepage from Pedaled.

Alpine Magazine product of the month

Alpine Magazine chooses polychromelab reversible jacket as product of the month

We are happy to read this: Alpine Magazine 11/2013 chooses polychromelab’s reversible jacket for men and women as product of the month. The classy mountaineering jacket is fully waterproof and highly breathable and therefore perfect for alpine outdoor sports.

The reversible jacket is warming on the black side and cooling on the silver side. Easily reversed the alpine jacket is suitable for every weather condition. Available in our reversible jackets online shop.