New Colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

Proven concept – new colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

After advanced research, long time testing and with loads of expertise we finally finished our new functional alpine jacket Alta Verde for men and women!

The concept stays the same as with the Alta Quota outdoor jacket. Waterproof, windproof, highly breathable and stretchy are only a few attributes the alpine Alta Verde combines. This way the functional alpine jacket offers all important outdoor functions to be versatile at all activities in the mountains. The Alta Verde offers maximum wearing comfort outside in nature.

The ultimate novelty, whether you believe it or not, is that the grey-green reversible jackets is cooling and warming. Without chemistry, only by applied textile physics. How’s that possible? It’s a simple concept: the matt grey side of the jacket absorbs warmth of the sunlight by special surface finish and transports it inside jacket. If outside temperatures are getting warmer, simply reverse the functional alpine jacket, so the metalic green side reflects sunlight to keep warmth away from the wearer. This way the Alta Verde makes it possible to regulate and stabilise actively the temperature inside the jacket.

Get an idea of the alpine jacket for men and women yourself and visit our polychromelab concept store.