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Alpine Jacket for Via Ferrata

Customer Wears Alpine Jacket for Mountaineering

A happy customer send us mail of his mountain sports activities from Brenta-Dolomites, Italy. It’s always nice to get some feedback for one’s work:

Dear polychromelab,

I’ve bought Alta Verde Alpine Jacket this summer mostly for mountain sports activities. After testing it at home under rainy weather conditions, I was sure that I’ll always stay dry wearing this jacket. So I tested the jacket on a via ferrata in Brenta-Dolomites. My expectations were fully met. There was no need to change jackets and apparel when weather conditions were changing, no exhausive sweating, long story short – everything was to my convenience. I wish your team all the best with your great apparel concept. Greetings from Germany!

Reiner (translation)

polychromelab funktionsjacke klettersteig bekleidung


Choosing the Right Mountaineering Apparel

Summer, sun and mountains! It’s time for hiking, climbing and mountaineering. But even when the sun is shining, in the mountains weather can change unexpectedly in no time. One little shower and the day is ruined. Therefore it is important to choose the right apparel for mountaineering.

On there’s a check list with the right mountain sports apparel you need. Especially it is important to wear windbreak apparel that is at the same time breathable so there’s no unnecessary sweating. Additionally one should wear waterproof apparel, so concentration can be upheld in rainy weather conditions. Polychromelab Alta Verde Alpine Jacket combines these exact two aspects: the jacket is windproof and breathable and waterproof as well. This way an extra layer of clothing can be saved. Our customer Reiner only can recommend this concept.

If you’re interested in the Alta Verde Alpine Jacket just have a look at it in our onlineshop.

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Innovation Tailoring in Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis

Press Release Outkomm about Summer Alpine Jackets

The sports press area Outkomm explains polychromelab summer alpine jackets after testing the jackets outdoor. The result shows a great overview about functionalities, ranges of use and comparisons of product performances of polychromelab summer alpine jackets.

Read the full German press release on Outkomm about polychromelab summer alpine jackets. For English information please visit our onlineshop here.


Innovation Tailoring in the New Office

It is not for nothing that this press statement was released: Starting august, the “innovationg tailoring polychromelab”, like they’re fondly calling us, has its new office in skiing region Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis. Moving means a lot of work to do, especially moving an high altitude research lab from one place to another, on which we’ve reported a few weeks ago. But this wasn’t the only challenge we had to manage, additionally we had to build our new office TexStyleKitchen.

This name isn’t made up out of thin air: In a former inn on Serfaus – Fiss – Ladis’ sun plateau we’re renovating at the moment. Coincidentally we temporarily stored alpine jackets in the former kitchen of the inn. The name almost was perfect, but the special pronouncation of “style” should spell out that we’re not only engineer functional textiles, but also flavour our soup with a great amount of style and design.

You’ll find the latest updates on renovation of TexStyleKitchen on our facebook page.

Outdoor Funktional Jackets Test – Alpine Proof

Alpine Proof initiates a Functional Jackets Test for Outdoor Extreme

One might could think of some things concerning textile research, but what specifically this work looks like isn’t always well known. Therefore we present a functional jackets test like we run it in our alpine range outdoor laboratory.

Step 1: The Perfect Spot

Weather in polychromelab Alpine Proof textile lab is always freezing, stormy and extreme in winter. Seeing that one unwillingly wants to go outside a mountain lodge, where you can enjoy a majestic view on peaks all around this spot drinking a cup of hot tea. But such days are perfect for testing functional jackets, because over night it will ge cold and windy.

funktionsjacken test hochgebirge funktionalität vergleich

Step 2: What will be tested?

Quivering we run a coldness test. Therefore we perpare two functional jackets made of similar fabrics on dummies. This way we want to detect which fabric performs better at extreme cold. This kind of test are important to improove suitability for coldness in product development processes.

vergleich kälte test funktionsjacken polychromelab

Step 3: Waiting

Soon it’s dark night. Temperatures are low. Sensors we placed inside the functional jackets begin to collect temperature and draught data. But the low point of temperature isn’t reached yet.

funktionsjacken test nacht kälte tirol

Step 4: It’s always wise to bring a sleeping bag

It’s night now. Spotlights make it possible to examine both functional jackets at night. By now temperatures are weigh under 0°C. We’re thrilled to find out which one of these functional fabric responds better to this freezing coldness. Only by running these kind of outdoor tests we can learn what jackets are capable of worn outdoors.

nachtaufnahme funktionsjacken test outdoorjacken im winter

Step 5: Early Bird catches the Worm

Dawn. Night is over and the functional jackets are covered with a thin layer of ice. We start immediately working and sort out measurement data on our laptops. By comparing graphs we can tell which fabric is better and on which places the functional jackets are warmer. This conclusions are worth a mint for product development. This is the only way to improove weak spots of jackets.

auswertung funktionsjacken test was ist besser

If you’re interested in hearing stories of our everyday work in the Alps, visit Alpine Proof’s facebook page!

Have a look on functional jacket Alta Verde, successfull graduate of Alpine Proof extreme-cold-test, in our onlienshop.

Alta Verde Men

Alta Verde Women


Winter gear required – working day

Working day with quad bike in high mountain range

We can hardly believe that a lack of snow makes work more difficult. But this isn’t a joke: normaly in winter times we ascend with ski tour skies to the polychromelab 2610 textiles research laboratory, but this time there was too less snow for a proper ski tour and too much to go be feet.

Fortunately a good friend of ours lend us his quad bike, so we could transport our working stuff to the Glungezer Hütte. This was great fun – up to 2400 meters we could use a quad bike, the last 250 meters we could test our winter gear and went be ski.

Winter gear, ski tour, working and downhill skiing

In the lab there were many things to do. Next week we’ll tell you all about what the extreme storms at the Glungezer do to our textile research laboratory.

Most fun today was to test our new winter jacket Alta Verde on a nice ski tour up to the peak. The weather was brilliant, it was a way in ease and inspiration, these are the great things of our work.

In the evening, jacketed in warm winter gear, we got the reward for our winter day and enjoyed the prime of this winter day on the Glungezer Hütte at downhill skiing. See you next time!

New Colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

Proven concept – new colours: functional alpine jacket Alta Verde

After advanced research, long time testing and with loads of expertise we finally finished our new functional alpine jacket Alta Verde for men and women!

The concept stays the same as with the Alta Quota outdoor jacket. Waterproof, windproof, highly breathable and stretchy are only a few attributes the alpine Alta Verde combines. This way the functional alpine jacket offers all important outdoor functions to be versatile at all activities in the mountains. The Alta Verde offers maximum wearing comfort outside in nature.

The ultimate novelty, whether you believe it or not, is that the grey-green reversible jackets is cooling and warming. Without chemistry, only by applied textile physics. How’s that possible? It’s a simple concept: the matt grey side of the jacket absorbs warmth of the sunlight by special surface finish and transports it inside jacket. If outside temperatures are getting warmer, simply reverse the functional alpine jacket, so the metalic green side reflects sunlight to keep warmth away from the wearer. This way the Alta Verde makes it possible to regulate and stabilise actively the temperature inside the jacket.

Get an idea of the alpine jacket for men and women yourself and visit our polychromelab concept store.

Buy Polychrome Jacket Pieps

Collaboration with Pieps: Buy polychrome Jacket Online

Pieps Safety Systems are specialised for rescue in case of avalanches. This mountain equipment manufacturer is offering an allround equipment to go safe and protected hiking, mountaineering or skiing. Therefore one needs additional to a avalanche safety system a highend polychrome jacket. Jackets made of the unique reversible polychrome fabric are windproof, waterproof, stretchable and highly breathable. So this Pieps polychrome jacket is the right choice of mountain gear.

Pieps has designed a reversible jacket with polychrome 3 layer fabric. This is their product trailer:

In collaboration between polychromelab and Pieps the first version of a polychrome reversible jacket is on the market. This is the way to buy polychrome jacket by Pieps online.

In our webshop you can find new polychrome outdoor jackets by polychromelab for men and women in colour combinations blue-bronze, black-silver or grey-green.

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