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Collaboration with Pieps: Buy polychrome Jacket Online

Pieps Safety Systems are specialised for rescue in case of avalanches. This mountain equipment manufacturer is offering an allround equipment to go safe and protected hiking, mountaineering or skiing. Therefore one needs additional to a avalanche safety system a highend polychrome jacket. Jackets made of the unique reversible polychrome fabric are windproof, waterproof, stretchable and highly breathable. So this Pieps polychrome jacket is the right choice of mountain gear.

Pieps has designed a reversible jacket with polychrome 3 layer fabric. This is their product trailer:

In collaboration between polychromelab and Pieps the first version of a polychrome reversible jacket is on the market. This is the way to buy polychrome jacket by Pieps online.

In our webshop you can find new polychrome outdoor jackets by polychromelab for men and women in colour combinations blue-bronze, black-silver or grey-green.

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