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ORF1 polychromelab ORF Newton

watch polychromelab on saturday 28.12.13 at 18:40 in ORF Newton

staring polychromelab_2610: the highest lab for textil reasearch

and polychromelab ALTA QUOTA: 3layer hybrid jacket

Time laps 24 hours polychromelab 2610

Have a look at 24 hours at the polychromelab 2610

polychromelab concept store

Working day polychromelab 2610

from polychromelab concept store

Majestic view at polychromelab 2610

we are preparing polychromelab 2610 for winter.


polychromelab concept store

KRONEN ZEITUNG polychromelab



polychromelab concept store

Late summer workings on polychromelab 2610

now we are preparing polychromelab2610 for winter and learning about the things we did bad last winter. meteo station in protected now. dummies are fixed with sensors.  tent is fixed and sensors are working. next steps are to bring all details and information live.


polychromelab concept store

This is bad weather testing

more worse it could not be walking up to pcl 2610 but on the other hand
good testing conditions for fabrics , shoes and apparel.

enjoy the movie

from |c|michele stinco

Meteo Station is damaged

we lost the glungezer polychromelab 2610 meteo station.
i think during the last storm front bursting in end of may
somethin hit the meteostation very hard.


transportation down to inspect the problems 16062013.
last skirun this season for sure 🙂