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Alpine Jacket for Via Ferrata

Customer Wears Alpine Jacket for Mountaineering

A happy customer send us mail of his mountain sports activities from Brenta-Dolomites, Italy. It’s always nice to get some feedback for one’s work:

Dear polychromelab,

I’ve bought Alta Verde Alpine Jacket this summer mostly for mountain sports activities. After testing it at home under rainy weather conditions, I was sure that I’ll always stay dry wearing this jacket. So I tested the jacket on a via ferrata in Brenta-Dolomites. My expectations were fully met. There was no need to change jackets and apparel when weather conditions were changing, no exhausive sweating, long story short – everything was to my convenience. I wish your team all the best with your great apparel concept. Greetings from Germany!

Reiner (translation)

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Choosing the Right Mountaineering Apparel

Summer, sun and mountains! It’s time for hiking, climbing and mountaineering. But even when the sun is shining, in the mountains weather can change unexpectedly in no time. One little shower and the day is ruined. Therefore it is important to choose the right apparel for mountaineering.

On there’s a check list with the right mountain sports apparel you need. Especially it is important to wear windbreak apparel that is at the same time breathable so there’s no unnecessary sweating. Additionally one should wear waterproof apparel, so concentration can be upheld in rainy weather conditions. Polychromelab Alta Verde Alpine Jacket combines these exact two aspects: the jacket is windproof and breathable and waterproof as well. This way an extra layer of clothing can be saved. Our customer Reiner only can recommend this concept.

If you’re interested in the Alta Verde Alpine Jacket just have a look at it in our onlineshop.

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Stress Test for High-Tech Hiking Jackets

High-Tech Hiking Jackets scientifically proven

Alpine sports blog does the stress test in comparing high-tech hiking jackets. The blog writes interesting articles all about hiking, mountaineering, climbing and so on. Presentation of trends, testing new equipment and discussion of new routes are fields of duty for this outdoor blog.

The team of tested Alta Quota Outdoor Jacket and Roccia Rossa Hybrid Jacket – both polychromelab’s high-tech jackets – over several months in the absolute stress test. Here you can read the full report of! Here you’ll find out, how we proove our high-tech hiking jackets scientifically! does the stress test for outdoor jackets

This is an article of Translation by polychromelab.

The team of tested two reversible jackets by polychromelab in a test over several months and all seasons: Both the modell Alta Quota and the modell Roccia Rossa have been tested.

Both modells excel in having little weight (modell Roccia Rossa size S 300 grams) and in beeing manufactured cleanly. Remarkably, both jackets do not look worn out after months of not really caring use in the mountains.

Additionally, all seams are welded to make the jacket waterproof. Windproofness is outstanding. For example, for one stormy and cold ski tour we only have worn a thin Merino-Baselayer, a Merino-Vest and of course a polychromelab jacket to be dressed adequately.

This jackets made of a three-layer laminate are conceptualized as reversible jackets: whether it’s cold or hot, one wears the warming, dark-coloured side (99 % absorption) or the cooling, light-coloured side on top (45% reflection). This is highly functional, because this way the wearer is dressed allright in a great range of temperature. If you search for something to criticize, you could find fault with weldseams on the reflecting side, which are distinctly visible, and with some of the pockets, which aren’t that good to reach. Our Résumé

The Roccia Rossa is prettier, the Alta Quota the more functional jacket. This is why we as alpine sportsmen fancy the Alta Quota. For example, the clean tailored Roccia Rossa compared to the Alta Quota hardly has any pockets, which is a lack of storage room for tours in the mountains. A true disadvantage of both jackets stays with the price: both modells are € 700. One, who spends this amount of money for outdoor jackets, will be happy about having a great high-tech textile for many years. For persons, that make a point acting sustainable, will be interested in the fact that the production of the jackets take place only in Austria and Italy, rather than in Far East.

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Our video-tip, if you’re interested in outdoor stress tests for hiking jackets:

ORF Newton Outdoor Jackets Test from polychromelab on Youtube


Video starring Alta Rossa multifunctional jacket

An Outdoor jacket that is prepared for anything

Demands on a multifunctional jacket are high, according to whether a user expects an outdoor jacket should be versatile to be worth the price. Real allround jackets are waterproof and windproof, keep warm, but still are highly breathable. Of course jackets that are worn in nature should be resilient and reliable. If one spends a lot of time outdoor he additionally wants a comfortable jacket.

Michele Stinco as an extreme athlete has always desired such a „true“ multifunctional jacket. After hard work and years of applied research in nature and laboratories the product developer has made his dream reality and created an 3 layer laminate. The fabric is windproof and waterproof, highly breathable and keeps all its promises.

polychromelab 3 layer fabrics

The Alta Quota Outdoor jacket was the first jacket on the market, available since 2013. This year the Alta Rossa Outdoor allround jacket is our latest development. Watch Michele wearing this perfect mountaineering jacket at a summerly trailrun in the tyrolean alps:

Alta Rossa Running from polychromelab on Vimeo.

The Alta Rossa is available in our webshop.

Sebastian Cuina in Patagonia

Hi guys!

How are you? I am writting because I have some news:
I will be running in Patagonia next week. The name of the Race is „4 Refugios“ (Four mountains shelters), and it covers 4 mountain shelters in two days running. It is a trail running race. The place will be Bariloche, it is a well known ski centre in Patagonia (it is the biggest). It is ending summer here, but at 2.500 mts in height the wind and the cold show up.

I will write you as soon as I finish, and I hope to have some nice pictures to send you too. I wish everything to be great there,

Regards, Sebastian

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Sebastian Cuina

This is Sebastian Cuina, he is an orienteer in Argentina:

It was a hard race, 80 kilometers in two stages of 40. Each stage had 2.000 meters of altitude difference. We (a friend and I) made them in 17 hours. We are not going to be recognized, even in a 100 years from now for our challenge, but we are happy about our performance. We only had 2 and a half months of training. But it just was the beginning…

I still don’t have a lot of pictures, I am sending you just a few. I hope to find some in the next days. Even though, I am attaching two. What you see behind me is the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and the Tronador Mountain. Tronador has snow every year, and there is a glaciar on the top. I am running there to the Cerro Lopez Summit.

I want to apologize because I do not use the jacket, but temperature was 35°C, so I was running with a short slave T-shirt.

As soon as I get more pics, I will send them to you. Next step, I think it will be in May, at Cordoba Province, hiking Cerro Champaqui. There it is going to be COOOOLDDDD.

See you, Sebastian


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STORM @ 3500

today we tried a 3500 peak but it was too windy up to 80km/h wind as you can see on the pics. nevertheless a few good turns kept up the humor. more freeski – mountaineering than freeriding – this is the way the spring season is. michele