Sebastian Cuina

This is Sebastian Cuina, he is an orienteer in Argentina:

It was a hard race, 80 kilometers in two stages of 40. Each stage had 2.000 meters of altitude difference. We (a friend and I) made them in 17 hours. We are not going to be recognized, even in a 100 years from now for our challenge, but we are happy about our performance. We only had 2 and a half months of training. But it just was the beginning…

I still don’t have a lot of pictures, I am sending you just a few. I hope to find some in the next days. Even though, I am attaching two. What you see behind me is the Nahuel Huapi Lake, and the Tronador Mountain. Tronador has snow every year, and there is a glaciar on the top. I am running there to the Cerro Lopez Summit.

I want to apologize because I do not use the jacket, but temperature was 35°C, so I was running with a short slave T-shirt.

As soon as I get more pics, I will send them to you. Next step, I think it will be in May, at Cordoba Province, hiking Cerro Champaqui. There it is going to be COOOOLDDDD.

See you, Sebastian


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