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Windtest Winterjackets in Outdoor Lab

Testing Winterjackets in Extreme Windspeed at Alpine Proof

The market never sleeps. It also never is full. One has to adapt to stay competitive. Every day there’re new innovations. Every innovation creates new target markets itself and hence influences the customer’s demands. For example, windproof winterjackets.

Luckily refining products is something we really like. We forgo some hours of sleep and watch the winterjackets at the windtest in the Alpine Proof outdoor lab, fortunately at home in front of our laptops via webcams. Here the video of the windtest

You can take windspeed from the graphic below to see what conditions the winterjackets have to stand up to. Normally one never has to feel windspeeds of 95 km/h and higher at regular outdoor activities, but it’s nice to know that in case the jacket can stand the wind, while the wear hardly can stay on his feet.

polychromelab concept store

Preparations for Free Ride Skiing in Winter

Free Ride Slopes in Tyrol

Winter is coming and the want to go free ride skiing is urging. With longtime experience we know that a good free ride slope has to be prepared carefully. First of all, it is important to know the area pretty well, so one won’t get lost or hit a rock, when snow has fallen and view is bad. If you’ve found your favourite route, you should check capability of the route under loads of fresh powder.

Preparations for Free Ride Skiing in Voldertal

In Voldertal in Tyrol we’ve found an interesting free ride skiing slope. The one problem is that there is a steep, high cliff, which seperates the two parts of the free ski route. There is no way through – but the free ride skiing slope would be a lot of fun.

So we decided to make ready a spot for abseiling to enable free ride skiing in winter. Therefore we have to climb up the steep cliff and fix a stout climbing rope for abseiling at this point. We need a lot of profession to do our dangerous work without getting hurt.

Work done we made ready an abseil-spot which is fixed professionally. Here some pictures of our preparations for the free ride skiing slope in Voldertal. Soon there will be some fresh snow. We can’t wait to visit the spot again: But the next time we’ll be there on ski wearing warm winter gear.

Follow Michele Stinco on Google+ at his outdoor adventures.

Outdoor-Blog about textile research

Outdoor-Blog Hochbewegt writes about polychromelab’s textile research in Tyrol

And again we’ve found a interesting media posting about polychromelab. Thanks to the outdoor-blog Hochbewegt, which is writing a thrilling report about our textile research in the Tyrolean Alps. You’ll find the full article about applied textile research here.

„The Tyrolean startup company polychromelab tragets placing the outdoor apparel of the future on the market.“

And this is exactly what we stand for. With our outdoor research in our alpine lab polychromelab 2610 we’d like to realise an alpine seal of approval for textiles and apparel in near future. The so called Alpine Proof distinguishes products, which were put to the acid test under real weather conditions in the Tyrolean Alps. The goal to achieve is to install a seal of approval for highly qualitative textiles, which, tested under real conditions, will keep their promisses.

Stay tuned and we’ll tell you all about the progress of our textile research in the Tyrolean Alps.

This is the way to the official textile lab profile on Facebook of polychromelab:

Fast Donna – super light ladies running jacket

Ladies running jacket in outdoor use test

We take it to heart to develope innovative products. Everywhere, where are shortcomings on the market and new customers‘ needs emerge, innovation is required. Innovation not only means novelty but also progress and improvement. And this is exactly what we do: this time it is a ladies running jacket we’d like to innovate.

Fast Donna running jacket is perfect for women. The sporty, feminine style suits for both sports and leisure time. More than one year we put the jacket to the acid test in Tyrol’s nature, because we want the durability of polychrome jackets to outlast a long time, so the running jacket becomes more like a companion for life. Below there are some pictures of the Fast Donna outdoor use test.

But only to create a new running jacket is still no innovation. A high tech jacket has to offer an additional value and this is exactly what the Fast Donna does. The ladies running jacket is conceptualized as a reversible jacket, that can warm and cool. So if you’re doing sports, just wear the metallic silver side outside and the textile reflects sunlight to cool body temperature down. If you’re exhausted, simply reverse inside out and the dull black side absorbs sunlight to warm the body noticeably. Besides, the Fast Donna weighs only 240g.

Curious? Visit our polychromelab concept store for more information about the Fast Donna. By the way, our concept was nominated for the Innovation Award Tirol 2014.

Outdoor Sommer 2014 mit polychromelab – Teil 1

Draußen mit einer Outdoorjacke von polychromelab

Der Sommer ist nun langsam vorüber und der Herbst klopft an die Tür. Obwohl der Sommer nicht so richtig in die Gänge gekommen ist, können wir einiges erzählen. Hier ein paar Rückblicke über diesen Frühling und Sommer.

Alles begann sehr nass, doch dank unserer umweltfreundlicher Beschichtung von HeiQ Barrier sind unsere Outdoorjacken wasserdicht ohne giftige PFCs.

outdoorjacke umweltfreundlich wasserdicht

Die ersten Sonnenstrahlen wurden dann gleich beim Bouldern ausgenutzt. Draußen mit der Roccia Rossa Designjacke.

bouldern roccia rossa outdoorjacke

Im späten Frühling gab es dann einige extreme Trailruns von Michele Stinco und Elisabeth Frey.

trailrunning outdoor jacket

Johannes Rohm flüchtet vor dem kalten Wetter in Mitteleuropa ins kalte Norwegen, um in atemberaubender Umgebung Ski zu fahren.

Dass die Alta Quota Wendejacke perfekt für Reisen rund um die Welt ist, teilen uns glückliche Kunden aus ihrem Urlaub in Hawaii auf dem Manu Kea mit.

alta quota trav

Bleib dran, denn unsere Sommerrevue geht bald weiter. Ganz wichtig, teilt die Bilder auf Facebook, Twitter, Google+ und Pinterest, damit eure Freunde auch von den Vorteilen hochwertiger, fairer Produkte erfahren. Danke 🙂

Shepherd Matthias Aichner Alta Quota Summer – Part 2

2013 – Matthias Aichner is on the alpine shieling for months now.  Secludedly he spends every day outside in nature. The first part of his story you can read here: shepherd Matthias Aichner part 2.

Outside with a mountain jacket

Matthias uses the possibility to go hiking on the near mountains. As a change from tending cattles he goes mountaineering with the Alta Quota mountain jacket. During the exhausting way up the silver side on the outside of the jacket reflects uv rays of the sun to cool body temperature down. He feels noticeably cooler and is still protected from wind and weather.

On top of the mountain Matthias simply reverses the outdoor jacket to the black side. On his way down the body regenerates and temperature decreases. The black side of the jacket absorps uv rays of the sun and this way the reversible jacket warms noticeably the user.

Relaxing on an alpine shieling

Protected from wind and weather this good Matthias arrives safely on the alpine shieling. Outside in the nature of the tyrolean alps he acknowledges a qualitative product. After this hard day he enjoys the last sunshine of the day lying on the pasture.

The story of the Alta Quota shepherd summer 2014 by Thomas Quarta is available here. If you want to buy an Alta Quota mountain jacket to enjoy nature the same way as Matthias, then visit our polychromelab concept store.

Video starring Alta Rossa multifunctional jacket

An Outdoor jacket that is prepared for anything

Demands on a multifunctional jacket are high, according to whether a user expects an outdoor jacket should be versatile to be worth the price. Real allround jackets are waterproof and windproof, keep warm, but still are highly breathable. Of course jackets that are worn in nature should be resilient and reliable. If one spends a lot of time outdoor he additionally wants a comfortable jacket.

Michele Stinco as an extreme athlete has always desired such a „true“ multifunctional jacket. After hard work and years of applied research in nature and laboratories the product developer has made his dream reality and created an 3 layer laminate. The fabric is windproof and waterproof, highly breathable and keeps all its promises.

polychromelab 3 layer fabrics

The Alta Quota Outdoor jacket was the first jacket on the market, available since 2013. This year the Alta Rossa Outdoor allround jacket is our latest development. Watch Michele wearing this perfect mountaineering jacket at a summerly trailrun in the tyrolean alps:

Alta Rossa Running from polychromelab on Vimeo.

The Alta Rossa is available in our webshop.

Land der Berge – Ausrüstungstrend

Die polychromelab Roccia Rossa Sport / Lifestyle Jacke ist im Magazin Land der Berge. Offenbar ist das umweltfreundliche Material bestens für Outdoor Aktivitäten geeignet. Mit dem modischen Design ist die Roccia Rossa ein Ausrüstungstrend.

Tiroler Textil – umweltfreundlich, modisch, top

Hier ist der Auszug aus Land der Berge:

Am Anfang war die Idee: Es muss kein Großkonzern mit Fertigung in Asien sein. Und trotzdem soll ein vollkommen neues Material mit überragender Funktionalität für Bekleidung entwickelt werden. Im Jahr 2010 nimmt der Gedanke des Designers Michele Stinco mit dem Projekt „PolychromeLAB“ konkrete Gestalt an: Mit der Uni Innsbruck und weiteren Kooperationspartnern wird ein Drei- Lagen-Laminat, das 98 % sichtbares UV absorbieren oder 28 % sichtbares UV reflektieren kann. Es wärmt also durch Lichtabsorption und kühlt durch Lichtreflexion. Innen wird zu Außen – je nach Bedarf. Getestet wurde das Material hinsichtlich seiner UV-Belastbarkeit und Wasserdichtheit seit dem Herbst 2012 im Forschungszentrum am Glungezer in den Tuxer Alpen. Die erste selbst konfektionierte Wendejacke von PolychromeLAB, die „Alta Quota“, war zu Testzwecken 8.000 Stunden an der Forschungsstation fixiert. Produziert wird diese Jacke genauso wie das zweite Modell, die „Roccia Rossa“, zu 100 Prozent in Italien. Von dort kommen auch die Komponenten, Stoffe und Zusätze, die Konfektion fertigt ein kleiner Familienbetrieb in Turin. Denn eine bestmögliche CO2-Bilanz ist den Tüftlern von PolychromeLAB genauso wichtig wie die Top-Performance des Produkts.

Land der Berge Ausrüstungstrend

Hirte wählt Allwetterjacke von polychromelab

Der Ursprung

Thomas Quarta sitzt im Wald auf einer Bank und schaut ins Inntal. Thomas Quarta ist Hirte und sehr naturverbunden. Die Zigarette im Mund beschließt er kurzerhand einen Sommer auszusteigen. Er bewirbt sich als Kuh-Hirte auf einer Alm in der Schweiz für den Sommer 2014. Alles Was er braucht ist Verpflegung, Zigaretten und natürlich eine gute Jacke.

Die Natur-Jacke

Thomas Quarta ist als naturverbundener und umweltbewusster Mensch natürlich auch eine umweltfreundliche Jacke wichtig. Er wird auf die polychromelab Jacken aufmerksam, da die umweltfreundlichen Stoffe für jedes Wetter geeignet sind. Das letztjährige Projekt von Matthias Aichner, der ebenfalls als Hirte einen Sommer lang die Alta Quota Outdoorjacke zufrieden verwendet hat, inspiriert Thomas Quarta dieses Jahr.

Die ersten Wochen

Die ersten Wochen auf der Alm sind natürlich total cool. Der Hirte Thomas Quarta treibt die Kühe auf die Alm und zündet sich erstmal eine Zigarette an. Ganz entspannt sieht er den nächsten Wochen entgegen. Auch wenn’s mal regnet…

Wenn du mehr über die Alta Quota erfahren willst, dann klicke hier.

Alta Quota goes Hawaii

We’re very suprised when two customers sent us pictures showing two happy faces and the Alta Quota outdoor jacket in Hawaii. Both are wearing the jacket at Manua Kea on 4205 meters. The jacket worked as good as promised and we were happy about making a holiday even better with the Alta Quota.