Fast Donna – super light ladies running jacket

Ladies running jacket in outdoor use test

We take it to heart to develope innovative products. Everywhere, where are shortcomings on the market and new customers‘ needs emerge, innovation is required. Innovation not only means novelty but also progress and improvement. And this is exactly what we do: this time it is a ladies running jacket we’d like to innovate.

Fast Donna running jacket is perfect for women. The sporty, feminine style suits for both sports and leisure time. More than one year we put the jacket to the acid test in Tyrol’s nature, because we want the durability of polychrome jackets to outlast a long time, so the running jacket becomes more like a companion for life. Below there are some pictures of the Fast Donna outdoor use test.

But only to create a new running jacket is still no innovation. A high tech jacket has to offer an additional value and this is exactly what the Fast Donna does. The ladies running jacket is conceptualized as a reversible jacket, that can warm and cool. So if you’re doing sports, just wear the metallic silver side outside and the textile reflects sunlight to cool body temperature down. If you’re exhausted, simply reverse inside out and the dull black side absorbs sunlight to warm the body noticeably. Besides, the Fast Donna weighs only 240g.

Curious? Visit our polychromelab concept store for more information about the Fast Donna. By the way, our concept was nominated for the Innovation Award Tirol 2014.