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ORF1 polychromelab ORF Newton

watch polychromelab on saturday 28.12.13 at 18:40 in ORF Newton

staring polychromelab_2610: the highest lab for textil reasearch

and polychromelab ALTA QUOTA: 3layer hybrid jacket

Alta Quota Peter

I’ve read about the polychromelab Alta Quota reversible jacket in an Outdoor magazine and bought it in their eshop.

The jacket is really functional. For example, I wear the jacket for hiking while getting to the top on silver outside to cool the body. For getting down I used the black side outside which warms the body pretty good.

The thermoregulation is functioning surprisingly good. Congratulations,

Cheers, Peter


polychromelab concept store

Working day polychromelab 2610

from polychromelab concept store

Pressclipping Handelszeitung

pressclip handelzeitung 10/13! pressclipping

We are very much pleased to read the article from the It’s nice to hear that our lifestyle approach combined a step ahead with functionality.





Stefan Brigola is a webdesigner, good runner and wears the polychromelab Alta quota. More to come in the next few months. Follow us and listen to our stories.

polychromelab concept store

Clemens – We like to share his feeling

Dear Elisabeth and Michele,

Yesterday I took research on some Design and Brand stuff on the internet and on Der Standard I found the article about: polychromelab, a start-up on 2700 meters.

After I was just few moments on your website I couldn’t resist to buy the jacket. Finally, today it arrived! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! That cool like I expected or more like I desired. The size is allright, the fit the same. It’s exactly this way a jacket has to be!

I’m not an extreme hiker and because of that I won’t tell you expedition reports. But this alpine jacket looks much fitter then a regular jacket for urban environment. I’ll wear it for possing at design meetings or perhaps the Alta Quota develops into my everyday clothes.

Nevermind, thanks for this great invention and innovation and I wish you courage and perservance!

Greetings from Vienna,

Clemens Theobert


polychromelab concept store


stay tuned.
more pictures to come.