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Alpine Proof: World’s Highest Alpine Lab

Moving to Serfaus Fiss Ladis: World’s Highest Textiles Research Lab

A pile of moving boxes and trunks. The change of scenery takes shape. A change of scenery in the name of innovation. When we first introduced Alpine Proof we located world’s highest textiles research lab at the Glungezer on 2610 meters. This site is unique and extreme, but it isn’t extreme enough for Alpine Proof’s aims: At our new destination Serfaus Fiss Ladis Alpine Proof is able to analyse the interaction of man and textile under strain in alpine regions even better. The goal is to pursue innovation to its very limits to get world’s best textiles.

Part 2: How to Move an Alpine Lab?

To achieve our goals we take on us this extra workload the move means and dismantle Alpine Proof alpine lab at Glungezer and rebuild it in Serfaus Fiss Ladis. This is how it’s done: Weather at Glungezer always was indescribably extreme, one of a kind, majestic, about what it is remembering us on that very day like it’s trying to make our goodbye and move to Serfaus even harder.

And there it was! It’s spring in Tyrol and everywhere snow! It took only one night and suddenly one needs a quad to transport stuff of Alpine Proof alpine lab from 2610 meters into the valley. Thanks again to Gregor from Gufl youth hostel for borrowing us his quad!

After this uphill rollercoaster ride we started packing. This equipment contains a meteo station, batteries for solar panels from Goal Zero, concrete which we initially needed for fixing, cabels, dummies and our ergometer mountainbike which soon is enjoying the view on upper Inntal.

Here’s part one of our moving story of moving to Serfaus Fiss Ladis.

Continue reading our story with part three: the rocky trail of innovation.

World First Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket

Shop polychromelab and Heimplanet Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket

Out now the new Cairo Camo Hybrid Jacket by polychromelab and Heimplanet in Heimplanet’s online shop. Design and Fashion Blog Hypebeast also goes for this hybrid jacket’s functionality.

Product development of Cairo Camo hybrid jacket

It all starts – like always – with an idea. Heimplanet decides to manufacture special camouflage tents. For this purpose Cairo Camo pattern is developed. This geometric Arabic pattern creates with special colouring a three-dimensional, tectonic effect that we call „camouflage“.

Additionally, to go in line with the new Heimplanet tents, a true hybrid jacket is designed. The goal is to combine design and functinal aspects without reduction. This is why Heimplanet meets polychromelab. We know each other since ISPO 2012 and worked together in winter 2013/14 to test Heimplanet’s tents under extreme conditions at polychromelab’s Alpine Proof outdoor laboratory at mount Glungezer scientifically.

Polychromelab designs a concept and develops the technic for pigmentation of polychromelab hybrid textiles. This isn’t a very easy process, because we needed to prove long lasting of colour pigments in 2000 simulation hours at Alpine Proof outdoor laboratory.

Textilforschung Alpine Proof Hybridjacke

Cairo Camo Chameleon Jacket

2000 hours. Let’s say one wears his jacket about two hours a day. So if we divide 2000 by two, we have 1000 wearing days. 1000 days are almost three years. So a Cairo Camo jacket can by worn for three years, everyday, under the most extreme conditions, without colour bleaching.

How does this work? We have something up our sleeve: there is a posibility to proof colour pigmentation on a fabric that don’t become lighter with the time but darker. So Cairo Camo hybrid jacket doesn’t bleach out and as a functional jacket stays an unique design apparel. And the best thing is: the whole process works without toxics!

Cairo Camo at Firmament Berlin

At last, we’d like to mention that Outdoor Aesthetics made a great video interviewing Stefan Clauss from Heimplanet explaining Heimplanet, Cairo Camo and team work with polychromelab. Enjoy the video!

And for all the exited ones, there’s place for the most important link: have a look on Cairo Camo hybrid jacket at Heimplanet online shop!


Produktneuerscheinung Cairo Camo Hybridjacke

Die Cairo Camo Hybridjacke von polychromelab und Heimplanet online kaufen

Seit einigen Tagen kann man die neue Cairo Camo Hybridjacke von polychromelab und Heimplanet im Onlineshop von Heimplanet kaufen. Der Mode Fashion Blog Hypebeast findet die Cairo Camo Hybridjacke ebenfalls top funktional, was eine Hybridjacke auch sein sollte.

Entwicklungsprozess der Cairo Camo Hybridjacke

Am Anfang ist – wie immer – die Idee. Heimplanet will spezielle Camouflage Tarn-Zelte herstellen. Dazu wird das Cairo Camo-Muster entwickelt, das aus dem arabischen Raum entlehnt ist. Durch das geometrische und spezielle Farbgebung entsteht ein dreidimensionaler, tektonischer Effekt, den wir als „Camouflage“ bezeichnen.

Zusätzlich zu den neuen Zelten von Heimplanet wird eine echte Hybridjacke entworfen. Das Ziel ist es also, Design- und Funktionselemente optimal zu vereinen. Dazu arbeitet Heimplanet mit polychromelab zusammen. Wir kennen uns schon seit der ISPO 2012 und haben im Winter 2013/14 zusammengearbeitet, als Heimplanet seine Zelte unter den extremen Bedingungen des polychromelab Alpine Proof Outdoor Labors am Glungezer wissenschaftlich testen ließ.

Also wird ein Designkonzept von polychromelab erstellt und die Technik für die Pigmentierung des polychromelab Hybridtextils erarbeitet. Das ist kein leichter Prozess, es benötigt über 2000 Simulationsstunden im Alpine Proof Labor, um sicherzustellen, dass die Farbpigmente sich nicht nach einiger Zeit einfach auflösen.

Textilforschung Alpine Proof Hybridjacke

Cairo Camo Chamäleon-Jacke

2000 Stunden. Gehen wir mal davon aus, dass man eine Jacke durchschnittlich 2 Stunden pro Tag trägt. Dann macht 2000 durch 2 beeindruckende 1000 Tage. 1000 Tage sind fast 3 Jahre. Man könnte also die Cairo Camo Jacke fast drei Jahre jeden Tag unter härtesten Bedingungen tragen, ohne dass die Farbe ausbleicht.

Wie das funktioniert? Wir haben uns einen kleinen Trick ausgedacht: Es gibt eine Möglichkeit Farbpigmente auf den Stoff aufzutragen, die nicht nach der Zeit heller werden, sondern dunkler. So verliert die Cairo Camo Hybridjacke im Alter nicht an Farbe und bleibt als Funktionsjacke auch in der Zukunft ein hochwertiges Designprodukt. Und das schönste ist: Es funktioniert komplett ohne giftige, chemische Stoffe!

Die Cairo Camo Jacke im Firmament

Zum Abschluss hat Outdoor Aesthetics noch ein Interview mit Stefan von Heimplanet geführt, in dem er Heimplanet, Cairo Camo und die Zusammenarbeit mit polychromelab erklärt. Viel Spaß!

Und für alle die wirklich interessiert sind, darf der wichtigste Link natürlich nicht fehlen: hier geht’s zur Cairo Camo Hybridjacke im Heimplanet Onlineshop!


The ISPO Brandnew 2015 Magazine

This is how a Workingday of the Jury of ISPO Brandnew 2015 looks like

„They have all been in exactly the same situation: a panel observed their product, their brand and decided that they can present themselves at ISPO Munich as one of the best startups of the sports business. Now they had the same task. Almost all the ISPO Brandnew jury members were founding members of former ISPO Brandnew winners and finalists. From their own experiences they know exactly what is of importance. Here they tell us about their highlights and impressions.“ISPO Brandnew 2015 Magazine

Designer Michele Stinco (winner 2012) was a jury member of ISPO Brandnew 2015 too: „I believe that true innovation solely starts in small pieces. Craftsmanship and imagination are the base for groundbreaking inventions and good design of the present and past.“

Here you’ll learn about how a day as a jury member of ISPO Brandnew 2015 award is like. Besides, Brandnew Magazine has written a story of success about polychromelab from 2012 til today. So have a look on it and get to know the work of jury members of ISPO Brandnew:

ISPO Brandnew 2015 Jury and Story of polychromelab

Here is ISPO ontour’s video of the impressions at the ISPO Brandnew award jury meeting: this is what the other members say about this prestigious award for startups.


If you want the read more of Brandnew Magazine, here you can read about polychromelab / Schoeffel-project and learn about what gear alpine racing skiers Marcel Hirscher and Anna Fenninger are wearing: polychromelab goes racing

Outdoor Gear Lab in the Alps

Working Day: Outdoor Gear Lab in Tyrolean Alps

We write the thrid year of ‚polychromelab on Mount Glungezer‚ and still unexpected things do happen. To run an outdoor gear lab in the Alps can be unnerving – or in other words: without beeing spontaneous and wearing high quality outdoor gear one doesn’t come too far.

For example, one needs spontaneousness, when a meteo station has to be transported up on 2610 meters in a backpack. One needs high quality outdoor gear to prevent freezing in conditions like at the Himalaya and storms of 300 km/h. It really gets unnerving, when one has to repair this meteo station, which got demolished by flying rocks in the storm, at freezing winter temperatures on 2610 meters.

Video: way to textiles research lab at Glungezer with Quad

Fortunately today wasn’t that unnerving: because of current weather situation there is less snow for a skitour to our outdoor gear lab and too much to go by feet.

This is how our way to the outdoor gear lab in the Alps looks like (including accident in a bend):

Fortunately, we have two nice helpers at mount Glungezer. Gregor, Youthhostel Gufl, lend us his quad, on which we made our way to the textiles research lab. Arriving on top we had to select meteo data, swap temperature sensors on textiles and repair some damages. Afterwards the innkeeper Gottfried kooked a hot soop to help us recover from freezing temperatures.

Outdoor Forschungslabor im Hochgebirge

Arbeitstag: Outdoor Forschungslabor für Textilien im Hochgebirge

Wir schreiben das dritte Jahr ‚polychromelab am Glungezer‚ und es ist immer noch nicht alles erlebt. Ein Outdoor Forschungslabor im Hochgebirge zu betreiben kann nervenaufreibend sein – oder besser gesagt: ohne Spontaneität und extreme Outdoorbekleidung kommt man nicht weit.

Spontaneität ist beispielsweise gefragt, wenn man eine Wetterstation im Rucksack auf 2610 Meter transportieren muss. Extreme Outdoorbekleidung braucht man, um bei den Wetterverhältnissen wie am Himalaya und Stürmen über 300 km/h nicht zu erfrieren. Richtig nervenaufreiben wird es dann, wenn man im tiefsten Winter bei einem heftigen Sturm die von herumfliegenden Felsen demolierte Wetterstation auf 2610 Metern im Hochgebirge selbst reparieren muss.

Video: Arbeitsweg mit Quad ins Textillabor am Glungezer

Heute war es zum Glück nicht so nervenaufreibend: Aufgrund der momentanen Wetterlage liegt zu wenig Schnee, als dass man eine Skitour ins Outdoor Forschungslabor auf 2610 Metern machen kann, und zu viel Schnee, um zu Fuß hochzukommen.

So sieht der der Arbeitsweg mit Quad ins Outdoor Forschungslabor aus (inklusive Unfall in einer Kurve):

Glücklicherweise haben wir zwei sympathische Helfer am Glungezer. Gregor vom Jugendgästehaus Gufl leihte uns sein Quad, mit dem wir den Weg zu unserem Textillabor zurücklegten. Oben angekommen mussten dann die Wetterdaten ausgelesen, die Temperatursensoren an den Textilien ausgetauscht und einige Reperaturen vorgenommen werden. Anschließend kochte uns der Hüttenwirt Gottfried eine heiße Suppe, die uns nach den eisigen Temperaturen wieder zu Kräften kommen lies.

Stress Test for High-Tech Hiking Jackets

High-Tech Hiking Jackets scientifically proven

Alpine sports blog does the stress test in comparing high-tech hiking jackets. The blog writes interesting articles all about hiking, mountaineering, climbing and so on. Presentation of trends, testing new equipment and discussion of new routes are fields of duty for this outdoor blog.

The team of tested Alta Quota Outdoor Jacket and Roccia Rossa Hybrid Jacket – both polychromelab’s high-tech jackets – over several months in the absolute stress test. Here you can read the full report of! Here you’ll find out, how we proove our high-tech hiking jackets scientifically! does the stress test for outdoor jackets

This is an article of Translation by polychromelab.

The team of tested two reversible jackets by polychromelab in a test over several months and all seasons: Both the modell Alta Quota and the modell Roccia Rossa have been tested.

Both modells excel in having little weight (modell Roccia Rossa size S 300 grams) and in beeing manufactured cleanly. Remarkably, both jackets do not look worn out after months of not really caring use in the mountains.

Additionally, all seams are welded to make the jacket waterproof. Windproofness is outstanding. For example, for one stormy and cold ski tour we only have worn a thin Merino-Baselayer, a Merino-Vest and of course a polychromelab jacket to be dressed adequately.

This jackets made of a three-layer laminate are conceptualized as reversible jackets: whether it’s cold or hot, one wears the warming, dark-coloured side (99 % absorption) or the cooling, light-coloured side on top (45% reflection). This is highly functional, because this way the wearer is dressed allright in a great range of temperature. If you search for something to criticize, you could find fault with weldseams on the reflecting side, which are distinctly visible, and with some of the pockets, which aren’t that good to reach. Our Résumé

The Roccia Rossa is prettier, the Alta Quota the more functional jacket. This is why we as alpine sportsmen fancy the Alta Quota. For example, the clean tailored Roccia Rossa compared to the Alta Quota hardly has any pockets, which is a lack of storage room for tours in the mountains. A true disadvantage of both jackets stays with the price: both modells are € 700. One, who spends this amount of money for outdoor jackets, will be happy about having a great high-tech textile for many years. For persons, that make a point acting sustainable, will be interested in the fact that the production of the jackets take place only in Austria and Italy, rather than in Far East.

polychromelab concept store

Our video-tip, if you’re interested in outdoor stress tests for hiking jackets:

ORF Newton Outdoor Jackets Test from polychromelab on Youtube


Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo

End-of-year review of jackets manufacturer polychromelab

It’s the end of an other great year – the end-of-year review of jackets manufacturer polychromelab:


ZDF visits in the documentary Auf dem Dach Europas the polychromelab 2610 textile research lab

Roccia Rossa Designer Jacket wins ISPO Award Outer Layer 3l 2014

Porsche Design launches Reversible Jacket made out of polychromelab’s fabric

Heimplanet tests extreme tent The Cave at polychromelab 2610 textile research lab

Trend Blog Cool Hunting writes about polychromelab’s reversible jackets

The fastest women of the half marathon Hall-Wattens wins our women’s running jacket Fast Donna

Markus Koschuh competes in the Startup Poetry Slam about polychromelab

Cycling Apparel Label Pedaled wins Eurobike Award 2014 with its Lab Jacket in collaboration with polychromelab

Project Alpine Proof is presentated on Alpbach Forum officially

Channel 4 Gadget Man with Richard Aoyade chooses Roccia Rossa as the ideal travelling Gadget

Launch of the new-coloured green and grey Alta Verde alpine jacket for men and women

Polychromelab wishes Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo

All these great things couldn’t have happend without friends, fans and partners. To thank all of you we wish you „Merry Christmas and a happy new year“ in a video at our daily work in the Alps.


Storm – 27 from polychromelab on Youtube

polychromelab concept store

ZDF documentary about jackets and textiles

ZDF shooting team visits alpine laboratory for jackets and textiles

The ZDF shooting team visits the alpine laboratory for jackets and textiles on Mount Glungezer in Tyrol in December 2013. There the tyrolean manufacturer of jackets and textiles, polychromelab, runs the highest research station for applied textile research.

Here some impressions of the ZDF documentary about the Alps of January 2014.

ZDF documentary about polychromelab jackets from polychromelab on Youtube

We’re really happy about beeing a part of a documentary about the development of the region of the Alps.If you want to know more about the jackets, which were presentated in the ZDF documentary, visit our online shop and learn about our scientifically proven outdoor jackets.

polychromelab concept store

You may be interested in:

ORF 1 Newton does the ultimate Outdoor Jackets Test – Part 1

ORF 2 Newton visits alpine lab polychromelab 2610 – Part 2

TV ORF Newton – outdoor jackets by comparison

TV Show ORF Newton tests: outdoor jackets by comparison

Do you know which jackets are the best outdoor jackets? The TV Show ORF Newton wants to know the same, so they test different outdoor jackets both in the laboratory and outside in nature. A loden jacket, a down jacket and a polychromelab hardshell jacket compete in various stress tests against each other.

Part 1 – ORF Outdoorjackets by comparison: lab-test

Today Part 2 – ORF outdoor jackets by comparison: outdoor-test

ORF Newton Team visits the high altitude laboratory for textiles research polychromelab 2610 at the Glungezer in Tyrol. For two years now our research lab for outside weathering and applied science for textiles and jackets is located there. In the video they’ll tell you more about what we do and how we do it. Enjoy the ORF Newton outdoorjackets by comparison show!

ORF NEWTON Teil 2 PCL2610 from polychromelab on Vimeo.

Corious about what else we do research on? Visit the homepage of our host Glungezer Hütte or, if you need further information about our textiles research in the alpine lab, write us an email to We’re happy to help.

This is the way to the official facebook profile of the alpine lab Tyrol: polychromelab_2610/Facebook